By NBF News

The Fayrouz brand has in-creased its visibility in the market by about 30 per cent with its beach party connectivity initiative.

These were the words of Mrs. Nnena Hemeson, Snr Brand Manager, Fayrouz & Climax of Nigerian Breweries at the climax of the Easter beach party at La casa Ilashe beach, courtesy of Fayrouz, where she said, 'much as I cannot dwell so much on our strategies with which we take the brand to consumers, I can assure you that the brand has increased its visibility with nothing less than 30 percent in the last few months when it comes to visibility and availability in the market. As I talk to you, there is increase in production and there has been increase in quantity consumed. Today, as soon as the brand gets out of the breweries, it goes off in the market because millions of consumers are already anticipating the arrival.

In short, we are striving hard to match the demand with our current level of production.'

Continuing, Hemeson said, 'if you look at the segment of the market that we are targeting, you will agree with me that they believe in lively platforms that would be interactive in nature. They are not the type that would like to see what is meant for them on a billboard or any other platform, but something classic and interactional.

Fayrouz sees this type of activation ( Beach Party ) as something that would connect the brand with the right people. With this, more people are doing the sampling and becoming loyal patrons, that is why we are in the universities, NYSC camps and other youth-controlled environments for activations.'