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Musician Tonyone Week Muonagor Speaks On Election Victory..

Source: Alayande Dayo -
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this musician who became popular for his gyration songs is

from henceforth he is to be known and addressed as honourable tony muonagor.

Tony of Action congress of Nigeria representing Idemiili North constituency got 10,801 votes and was announced the winner in Ogidi in the electiopns conducted on april 26,2011.

some days after his victory His facebook iwas updated with this proud message.

''From day one.., I believed in God. He and only He saw me through this battle. Today, I am the first entertainer (musician, movie actor, writer, director, producer) in Nigeria ever to be democratically elected into the legislature. My humble prayer & belief is that He will make me a very successful & truly honorable member. Give God a biiiig wiper.

Enough thanks to all of u who congratulated me for my electoral VICTORY. May the same GOD who granted me SUCCESS in the polls, grant ur hearts' desire. Nigeria needs help. We need to stand up and be counted. Pls dont stop criticizing me. I need to stay allert. Oke adi eli ife onye mu anya. ONE Love.''

I contacted the new house of assembly member and posed some questions to him.

-congratulations on your victory at the polls tony.does this mean that you will abandon your music career?

....No. I will never leave music.

-what are your plans now?

My plans now is to relocate to Awka and serve my people for the next 4 years to the best of my ability.What I wont do is to allow any event conflict with my official duties.I will do music in my spare time.

-wont there be a conflict between your job as an honourable and as a musician?

I am a law maker now. But assuming I have to do something related to music in my unofficial hours and I think I have the energy..., why not. There's no law against that

-did your victory come as a shock to you?

.My victory came from God. So I wasnt shocked. I knew from day one that God had made me the man to beat. SO I kept working harder and harder till the victory came. "Come and join me sing Halleluiyah... Jehova has done me well"

-why are you so excited?jehova has done you well but we hope its not to enrich yourself?

..I won an election of this magnitude and u are asking me why I am excited?stella you be winch? How do u enrich yourself in the house of assembly? There's no money there my dear. Am I poor? Dont forget I have a bubbling career in entertainment before this new blessing. Are u not excited that I made history as the only artiste in the history of Nigeria to be elected into the legislature?

-tony abeg i no be winch,na question i ask you.congratulations.we hope to see your growth and success at the house of assembly.

..I know say u no be winch..., na just question I ask too. No vex ooo. May God keep us, protect and prosper us in Jesus's name...

-Amen.thank you for taking out time to respond.goodluck in your new post

..thanks a whole lot too