I am stingy when it comes to sex – Anita Joseph

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In so short a while, a lot of scandals seemed to have followed Anita Joseph. First, it was her alleged fight with actress Ebube Nwagbo over Kingsley of the KC Presh group.

As if that was not enough, rumours started flying that the babe's stock in trade was to snatch other ladies' husbands – the recent one being actress, Ogo Okoye's Amsterdam-based hubby.

But soft-spoken Anita, while speaking to us on the phone recently, denied having anything to do with a married man.

“I am not a sex freak. It is so painful when I read those stuffs about me. I am very stingy when it comes to sex. I don't give my body to men like that. You can ask around. I only enjoy sex with my boyfriend.”

Anita believes that somebody who wants to tarnish her reputation at all cost is behind the rumour.

“I know who is behind this. They are trying to divert attention from the main issue to another thing,” she said.

But is she dating Oge Okoye's husband? http://nollywoodgists.com asked.

“I swear with my life and career, I am not dating him. He is just like a brother to me. He is a friend. Oge may not be my friend but we are not quarrelling. We have done one job together and we greeted each other on set. That is all,” she explained.