How Access Bank aids James Ibori in Sundry dirty Deals


James Ibori
Fresh findings indicate that Access Bank Plc, led by Aigbogun Aig-Imokhuede, had beed adding Ex Delta Governor in sundry dodgy deals.

It has also been revealed why the Dubai authorities panicked and removed Ibori in a very swift manner to the United Kingdom.

Access Bank which is one of the seven big banks under watch by the Economic an Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), had been working hand in gloves with Ibori since 2005.

Some of the deals include the fraudulent V-Mobile deal which fetched Ibori $19 Million dollars, and a recent transfer of over N8 Billion to his account in Dubai, the United Arab Emirate capital, where he was held before he was extradited to the United Kingdom to face money laundering charges.

According to sources, the huge trans fer was to aid Ibori work out ways of escaping rom Dubai, after he was put under house arrest for medical reasons. sources hinted that while he was in his house in Dubai, three very prominent Nigerians visited him regulary. And at such meetings they brainstormed on what his next move should be.

In 2005, Ibori converted Delta State's shares in V-mobile into his personal asset, with the aid of his attorney, Mr.Gohil, who set up a dummy corporation called Africa Development Finance (ADF), designed to charge inflated fees for its services.

According to sources , ADF bills for services were six times higher that those charges by leading UK solicitors.   Gohil, who is currently serving a 7 years in a London jail for this crime, said that it was a requirement for Delta State to consult the dummy corporation (ADF), and subsequently charged $19 million as consultation fee.  

  The entire proceeds ($19m) was then transferred to Access bank Plc in Nigeria, where Dere Otubu, an Ibori proxy, works as a director.  

Former employees of Access Bank, who were privy to the dealing, said that as soon as the funds were received at Access bank in Nigeria, Aigbogun Aig Imokude gave express passage to James Ibori, who used an assortment of company vehicles to launder the cash. Some of the companies used include Brookes Aviation, E F Samuels, Ascot Offshore Nigeria Ltd, Econet and Cran Brasil Nominees Ltd.      

According to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Lucky Igbinedion converted Access Bank Plc, shares valued at $775, 000 (N120m) for his personal use. Our checks shows that Lucky Igbinedion purchased the shares of Access bank Plc, on behalf of Edo state at the rate of two naira (N2) per share, after the transaction, Edo state had sixty million shares of Access Bank shares, which represented five percent of total shares of Access Bank.    

As the value of the shares began to appreciate, Lucky Igbinedion with the active connivance top management (Aig Imokuede and Hebert Wigue) of Access bank, changed ownership of the shares from Edo state government to Chief Lucky Nosakhare Igbinedion.

It was learnt that the huge transfer through his Access Bank account in Lagos, were wired in tranches between May 2010 and March 2011 to Dubai.

Accordinng to our source, During one of those meetings with his very influential Nigeria frieds ( a retired General, a former Vice president and a an influential business man of northern stock, Ibori expressed his desire to go to London voluntarily to face his charges but the trio said it was a bad idea.

The source told that they told him they could aid his escape from Dubai to any South America nation that has no extradition with Nigeria or Britain.

It was also learnt that he feigned sickness, ate his native banga soup and starch, and drank herbal concoction made with illicit gin (ogogoro).

According to our source “ the four of them met regularly in his house. He was not sick, but it as one of the strategy to get him out of a secure jail. He was first put in a house owned by Dubai authorities but his doctor prevailed on them to allow him stay in his own home.,

Our source continued “ He ate well, did not watch television, his food was banga soup and starch, he also drank herbal concoction made with ogogoro.”

It was gathered that when the Dubai authorities got wind of some transfers and the regular visits of these influential, they suspected Ibori was up to something.

“ The Dubai people were very suspicious, and also some of his cronies ratted him out. The visits were also suspicious so they quickly informed the UK authorities that Ibori was on his way. It was very swift. He was moved moved to a detention center and moved out same day to London”