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By NBF News

I have watched with trepidation as the political imbroglio in my home state, Imo, rises to its crescendo. With mouth agape, I have reckoned how election time and tide have rocked and roped my state into its worst political tapestry. Accordingly, I have never ceased wondering why Imo should be held mercilessly on the jugular by those who flex their financial muscle with a reckless abandon. Yet this was a state widely acknowledged for its peace and hospitality. Indeed, things have fallen apart.

By turning Imo into a battle ground, the state has been put on the cusps. Unfortunately, these political gladiators in Imo have forgotten in their haste that Imo is the only place they can call home. They have forgotten that a home should be peaceful, serene and beautiful; a place one can stay and plan ahead without any undue pressure or tension. Sadly, this 'home' Imo, is now sacrificed at the altar of greed of a few individuals desperate to taste power no matter whose ox is gored.

In their avaricious stride, they have forgotten that they are not the owners of the state. They have also forgotten in their dance of desperation that God is the giver of power. Like megalomaniacs, some of these gladiators have bestridden Imo with unattainable promises told to Lilliputians. Surely, there is every indication that their followers have been dotting on them to grease their hungry esophagus from their deep pockets. Certainly, this is not the type of politics that will lead Imo into the promise land.

The Office of the Governor is a highly sensitive and pivotal one. It is not just what any 'self-made' messiah beats his chest to occupy even when the potentials are lacking. It is not just what any highest bidder gets. It is simply not acquired via how generous, altruistic or philanthropic one could be. It is equally not got by any physical or media war.

Surely, it is not a position for any desperado. It is instructive to remind every politician in Imo that the office of the governor is for those who have the innate, creative, dynamic and dogged spirit in achieving set-objectives.

It is more or less a position that hosts men with exceptionally excellent qualities or innovation and resistance. It is a position that demands new ideas for new things in a totally new way. I am privileged to have criss-crossed the length and breath of Nigeria; I have discovered that some performing governors in Nigeria are simply those with the co-efficient I have mentioned above. They are just reformers who turn around the socio-political life of their people.

At this critical juncture, let me attempt the arduous task of prying into the personalities of the three top-top contenders to the throne of Douglas House, having voraciously studied their manifestoes through and through. Let me first state with all sincerity of purpose that I do not have any personal relationship with any of the trio of Ikedi Ohakim, Rochas Okorocha and Ifeanyi Ararume.

Okorocha flaunts an intimidating profile. He has been popular in Nigeria for his philanthropy and benevolence through his foundation. He runs a free education for indigent children, for instance; and has roundly been acknowledged for that. However, I am worried about his manifesto, its vagueness and lack of dynamism. I found out, sadly, that it still contains those old ideas that have kept burying us in the pits of oblivion. I am equally worried about his curious junketing from one political ambition to another.

He has run for the office of the president, governor, formed a new party, left many parties, run for different positions. Now, he is back to the race he had dumped many years ago. More importantly, Okorocha has also forgotten in a hurry that the political peace in Imo is largely hinged on the zoning harmony therein. Yet, it is this, which he has come to truncate, despite its attendant consequences.

Ararume was a senator and commands an armada of fans and apologists. He enjoys the good will of some people, especially after losing out in 2007. The sentiments he enjoys from people are apparently as a result of his several battles with his federal traducers who vowed not to see him smell the throne.