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They became leaders after the demise of their bosses. They were born poor, studied with tears and great sufferings. Had doctorate degrees in their various disciplines.

Have same ambition to liberate the poor and needy from the mighty powers of the rich, both rich, both political, economically and the same political ideology. They were once regional and state governors, before they became president of Nigeria - persecuted by their political enemies. Share the same type of names either as a surname or middle name even divine inspired name. Looking at them as we move on in this epistle even their meanings.

Benjamin, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Benjamin: Child of pain, sorrow and difficulty Gen. 35:16-17. Nnamdi: means my father is back or God is with me. Azikiwe: means all sorrow agony, pain, difficulties, malice and anger are put behind.

Jonathan means unfeigned, unbroken love, agreement, royal justice, mercy and humility 1st Sa, 20:1-17; Ebelechukwu means Mercy of God, in English translation.

Though stand to be corrected by any Nigeria scholars and historians. Azikiwe was born poor so also Jonathan. Both were self made, studied with tears crowded with poverty and suffering, but with great perseverance, determination, powered with great zeal, ambition to liberate the poor and the oppressed. That is perhaps what Jonathan is striving to do. Azikiwe was loved, respected by Nigerians even across the globe. Now Jonathan is having the same love all over the world. He has shown that he is a good leader that cares for the poor and needy, even his political enemies envy him.

Azikiwe became the leader of NCNC, after the death of Sir Herbert Macaulay. Jonathan became the leader of PDP and president of Nigeria after the death of Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua.

Azikiwe went through rough road, fighting the colonial masters to a standstill to liberate Nigerians. He was persecuted, even imprisoned, by the whites (Colonial masters) that earned him the Zik of Africa. He was loved by all Nigerians even his political enemies. Jonathan seems to be going through similar terrain. He was humiliated as a V.P. Cajoled and mocked upon by some cabals who believed that the late President Yar'Adua could rule the nation from anywhere in the world even from the grave yard. The issue generated a lot of controversy, until the Senate came to the rescue. Then the Northern Elders Forum headed by Mallam Ciroma Adamu and Balarabe Musa who threatened him with fire and brime stones if Jonathan did not stop his political ambition. Almost bombed out of life by some paid South-South militants, he survived all these attacks and became the political bride of our time.

Will he fulfill all his promises he made to the people after his victory at the polls'. Within 18 months in office, Jonathan as shown the kind of love he has for Nigerians. I respect the spirit of humanity in him. He should not relent in his effort to transform Nigeria, liberate us from the hands of political fraudsters, kidnappers, ritual, murders, religious and ethnic killers of this nation. I thank the entire members of Ime Obi, the inner caucus of Ohanaeze ndi Igbo, the apex Igbo cultural organization for their bold step in approving the Ohanaeze total support for Jonathan, not minding whatever may be the purported implication and consequence it might cause to the said Igbo presidential bid in 2015. I also thank them for their bold step, wise decision to extend the tenure of our able president of Ohanaeze ndi Igbo, Amb. Raph Uwachukwu, for another two years. We thank God for their wisdom.

One thing remaining to be done to the Igbo, is to spilt the old Mid Western Region, now Delta and Edo state into three, joining the Igbo tribe of that region to complete the imbalance in the South East geo political zone to six states. Then, the injustice and marginalization of the Igbo race, will be fully addressed.

It is my submission that Jonathan should be politically bold and liberal minded like Azikiwe, economically wise like Obafemi Awolowo, Godly minded like, Mallam Aminu Kano, politically and religiously conscious like Ahmadu Bello. The spirit of one indivisible Nigeria that flowed in the heart and body of Gen. J.T.U. Aguyi Ironsi; The protective tendencies of Gen. Murtala Mohammed, and the boldness and fearless spirit of Gen. Mohammed Buhari in fighting corruption, will lead him to put Nigeria on the world map. God will be pleased with Nigeria.

If he can take us out of this present land of destruction and hatred to the land full of love, equal opportunity and progress, then our prayer to him is that let no man touch him for he bears the mark of Christ Go; 6:17. There is no enchantment against Jonathan (Jacob) neither is there any divination against (Israel) Ebelechukwu Azikiwe Num. 23:23). Zik liberated Nigeria from political enslavement, colonial masters, manipulation and became the first Governor-General. Therefore, let Jonathan liberate Nigeria from political enslavement, political and hired killings, kidnapping, cultism and evil tradition.