By NBF News

The campaign organisation of Mr. Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro, a Peoples Democratic candidate for Etio-Osa II state constituency has described as defeatist, a last minute resort to blackmail by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) which alleges that Obanikoro is under-aged and therefore not eligible for the office he seeks in tomorrow's governorship and state Houses of Assembly elections.

A press release by Seun Sonoiki, Obanikoro's campaign manager stated that their candidate, PDP and the campaign organisation were not stunned by the latest trend which came at the deadline of campaigns for political parties as instructed by the Electoral Act, but were however, amused that the opposition party had refused to turn away from its old tricks.

The campaign group noted that the latest move by the ACN was indicative of the fact that the ACN was jittery and could not confidently go to the polls to challenge Obanikoro whose campaign machinery was evidently on the ground and would crush without hesitating, the ACN which it stated had zero presence in the area.

'Much as we want to refrain from seeing this as a renewal of old battle odiously extended to the scion of the Obanikoro, we are equally not oblivious of the detestably vindictive tendencies of the ACN and its innate desperation for power which often contrast with its clamour for a progressive Lagos.

'We consider the allegations another fathomless bluster by the ACN. We say unequivocally that the allegations are unfounded, mischievous and defeatist, both in conception and its aftermath effect. Our candidate remains resolute in his determination to offer quality representation that would end years of mediocrity the opposition party had foisted on the people,' the release stated.

While drawing the attention of the people of Eti-Osa to some hate Short Message Service (SMS), often referred to as text messages making the rounds, the campaign group said 'we are particularly not worried because the people are familiar with ACN's stock in trade. Unfortunately, however, it is laughable that they talk about fraud in some of the text messages, what fraud can be greater than foisting incompetent hands- lacking in required intellectual and basic credentials on the people?

'The ACN should admit that its days of mediocrity are numbered on the horizon. That they could not design a repeat of the irregularities that overshadowed the National Assembly election during the presidential poll of penultimate weekend is a cause for concern for them, hence they have resorted to a-last-minute blackmail. Sadly, they have failed in this moribund onslaught as they would fail in any other either now or in the nearest future.