Source: Rot. (Chief) Bola Olu-Ojo

Gentlemen of the Press,
I am here again to inform you that the Action Congress of Nigeria

(ACN) has continue its nefarious activities to rig the National and the State Assembly elections scheduled to hold on Tuesday this week.

If you will recall, I have raised the alarm that the ACN, owing to its total rejection by Ekiti people has adopted a strategy code-named; “MAXIMUM VIOLENCE, MINIMUM VOTES” whereby the party leaders planned to unleash terror on the voters to scare them away from the polling booths in order to have unhindered freedom to perpetrate rigging.

This plot was among the strategy introduced by Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State when he came to Ekiti on Thursday on a rescue mission!

The plots involve:
1. Use of fake INEC form EC8A, which has already been procured by the

ACN to record fake polling units results at Collation Centres.

2. Destruction of ballot papers during counting of votes in any

polling unit where PDP scores high votes.
3. Inducement of INEC officials to achieve planned cancellation of

elections in PDP strongholds and admission of already prepared forms EC8As.

4. Inducement of solders that were deployed to the State with all the

state commissioners already allocated with the soldiers to assist them in carrying out their planned electoral fraud.

5. One month allocation of Ekiti State has been earmarked to cater for

the party's electoral expenses as advised by Aregbesola. It should be noted that Governor Fayemi withdrew a sum of N750 Million from the Government account at UBA, Ado Ekiti Branch on Thursday, April 7, 2011 for the botched NASS elections of April 9, 2011.

6. Harassment of PDP leaders so as to create fear in the minds of the

people before the elections, thereby giving the ACN freedom to rig the polls. For instance, on Friday, Igbemo-Ekiti was invaded by Fayemi's Special Adviser on Media, Mojeed Jamiu and his thugs that were backed by Government House policemen. Similar evil operations have been carried out in Erijiyan, Otun, Ise, Ilawe, Okemesi, Usi and other towns in the State.

Already, the ACN has procured Army and Police uniforms for use by the thugs, who will move in Government Hilux vehicles with FGN and EKGHnumbers.

These Hilux vehicles have already been withdrawn from the Government drivers and distributed to the trained thugs for the operation on Election Day.

Also, Govenor Kayode Fayemi and the leadership of the ACN have distributed guns and cutlasses made in Ghana to the thugs to carry out these electoral crimes while members of the party were equally given cutlasses and catapults to disrupt elections where there are indications that ACN will lose.

As I speak, thugs have been moved into all towns and villages where PDP is perceived to be strong. Towns like Ise, Usi, Ilawe, Ifaki, Igbara-Odo, Ijero, Ado, Okemesi, Igede, Erijiyan and others have been invaded with thugs.

Last Thursday, Special Assistant to Fayemi on internal security, Mr Deji Adesokan (Jahrule) took the trained thugs on tour of farmsteads where the fake soldiers and mobile police will operate. The farmsteads are located at Ogotun, Ise, Ado, Ikere, Osan and Osun Ekiti ,

According to their plans, the thugs are to strike as from 1pm.

Equally all the Political office Holders under Governor Fayemi has been armed to support the thugs and fake security personnel in the course of the operation.


We are not unaware of the intimidations of civil servants in the state by the ACN Government just because the civil servants are perceived to have voted for PDP in the presidential election.

Several of the civil servants have been denied of their March Salary with 'DNP' meaning Do Not Pay written on their payment vouchers.

We however want to use this opportunity to assure the civil servants that the ACN government are now being closely monitored by the Federal Government after receiving the National Human Right Commission report on the said intimidation. In view of this, we urge our civil servants to go out and vote for the party of their choice as required by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Going by the above enumerated plans of the ACN to win the Tuesday elections at all cost not minding its unpopularity in the State, it is obvious that Ekiti will witness orgy of violence during the elections.

More so that our members will also not fold their arms and watch while they are being attacked and their votes are being destroyed as planned by the ACN!

Therefore, if the Tuesday elections must be conducted under a peaceful atmosphere, security agencies must be alive to their responsibilities.

Also, we demand that;
1. The Inspector General of Police's directives, restricting the

movement of Governors, Deputy Governors and all Government officials to their polling units only on the day of election must be strictly enforced.

2. Means of identifying real policemen and soldiers must be devised.

3. All security personnel attached to the Political office holders

should be withdrawn so as to prevent them from being used to intimidate voters.

1) Provision of adequate security in all poling units to prevent

planned snatching of ballot boxes as was done by ACN thugs at Usi , Ipoti, Ilawe, Osi, Oye, Ise, Ilogbo, Ayetoro and other parts of the state during the presidential election.

Let it be said with all sense of responsibility that we in the PDP are prepared for free and fair elections on Tuesday.

However, should the planned destruction of our votes by the ACN thugs allowed to manifest on Tuesday, our members will have no option than to defend themselves and our votes by whatever means, result of which can be better imagined than experienced.

Rot. (Chief) Bola Olu-Ojo
State Chairman