Okpe Union to Deltans: Vote for credible candidates

By Henry Ebireri

Okpe people have been urged to vote for a man that will transform the kingdom from backwardness to a high-powered kingdom.

Addressing journalists on the forth coming governorship election in Delta State and the 81st anniversary of Okpe Union, Secretary General of Okpe Union Worldwide, Mr. Henry Ebireri said selflessness, focus, probity, concern for the public good, disdain for self aggrandizement, self glorification and egoism are necessary tools for the transformation of the state. He emphasized that many governorship and House of Assembly candidates lack these qualities.

Delta State, he said, needs a leadership that is committed to the service of the people.

“Delta State needs a leadership with a broad and enlightened vision, a leadership imbued with a zeal and a fervor to improve the condition of the people”.

Stressing that Delta State is not totally bereft of principled, selfless, honest and properly motivated political leaders to rescue it from the leadership paralysis that has stifled all progress and development, Ebireri urged the people to distance themselves from those who abandoned Sapele Main Market, Sapele Stadium and the Sapele Polytechnic project.

“Hope is not lost . Okpe kingdom can still be lifted up. We must reject inefficiency, gross incompetence and corruptive tendency”.

Meanwhile, great sons and daughters of the Okpe nation will meet on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at Okpe Union Headquarters, 65 Moshalasi Street, Obalende, Lagos to strategize for the governorship and House of Assembly elections.