By Lere Olayinka

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Segun Oni has described the victory of President Goodluck Jonathan in the last Saturday presidential election as an affirmation of Nigeria's unity, saying; “Now, no one would seek to rule Nigeria from the North and South dichotomy's perspective, but in terms of what he or she has to offer the country.”

The former governor, who reacted to President Jonathan's imminent victory through his Media Aide, Wale Ojo-Lanre also thanked residents of Ekiti State, especially supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party

(PDP) for contributing to the president's resounding electoral victory.

His words; “With the overwhelming votes secured by President Jonathan across the country, it is now clear that Nigeria has developed beyond ethnic sentiments and this is a further affirmation of the country's unity and indivisibility.

“I still remember what one of the presidential candidates said last year November. But today, the man who was described as 'not electable'

because a section of the country won't vote for him even if he were to be the best man for the job has been voted overwhelmingly by Nigerians.

“The lesson we must all learn from this is that majority of Nigerians are no longer given to ethnic and religious sentiments, and if this trend is allowed to continue; we will soon have a country where a Hausa man will be elected governor in Bayelsa and an Ijaw man will be elected senator in Katsina.”

While describing the president's victory in Ekiti State as a further confirmation that the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) government in the State was a product of Salamic Judicial magomago, Oni said; “The voting pattern of Saturday's election was not too different from those of 2007 and 2009. Or was the election of Saturday rigged in Ido/Osi and Ijero Local Governments where PDP won overwhelmingly in spite of destruction of votes in Usi, Igbole, Ijurin and other areas by ACN thugs?

“Again, some of them are comforting themselves with the claim that PDP won because ACN supporters voted for President Jonathan and not his party. But if I may ask, was that the reason ACN scored over 90 percent of the votes cast in Isan-Ekiti, home of Kayode Fayemi?

“Was that also the reason one of the governor's aides was going about in Oye with guns and acid until he was arrested by security men? Or was the destruction of votes in more than five polling units by ACN thugs also part of the party's support for the president?

“The fact here is that PDP is in the majority in Ekiti and that has been proven by the last Saturday election and it would be further proved on April 26.”