By NBF News

The presidential candidate of United National Party for Development (UNPD), Ebiti Onoyou Ndok, on Thursday accused the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Garki Command, in the Federal Capital Territory for demanding a bribe of N250,000 to set her free from a case she had with a hotel management in Abuja.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, the presidential hopeful stated that she had lodged in one of the hotels in Abuja but she incurred huge bills, which made the hotel management badge into her room with security personnel to demand that she should offset her bills.

She also recalled that while in the police station, the Deputy Commissioner of Police demanded a bribe of N250,000 for her to be freed but she declined.

Although she did not mention the name of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, she said that she was given the option to pay the amount or be ready for the court or be detained.

'On March 31, something happened to me. I appeared on debate on 29th and on 30th, something happened to me. By 2pm at my hotel, there was a hard knock and I was right there. While I was there, two hoteliers came in and said I was owing some bills. I agreed that I was owing a bill. So, I was taken to the police station and asked how I was going to pay the bill. I told them that I am going to pay the bill.

At 1.00 am, the deputy police commissioner came on board and demanded N250,000 from me and I told him that the hoteliers have agreed that I should go and that I have written a letter of undertaken. But he said no because he cannot just allow me to work in and out like that and that I should put N250,000 on the table. I said no sir, I don't have that kind of money now. If I did, I would have paid the hotel management and not you. Beside, I don't give bribe. He said, if you don't pay, you should be ready for the court or sleep in the cell. So, I slept in the cell. The following day, we headed for the court but it took the magistrate a while to come. And finally, he came and I appeared before him in his private chamber' she said.

However, Ndok said that even though her case was a bailable offence, she was detained in Keffi prisons.

'The magistrate told me that my lawyer said it is a bailable offence. He gave us about two options - somebody who has a landed property of about N5m in Abuja or a level 13 civil servant to stand surety. So, I said why don't we go and make contacts. My people made contacts to the commissioner of police and he said no, it's beyond him. I said what do you mean is beyond you. And he said, he has orders from above. Then I asked, what do you mean orders from above? Then my people went to the IG and he said the situation is beyond him too.

'So, we appeared before the magistrate court again and he said I will be taken for detention in Keffi prison that I issued a postdated cheque. I did not issue a postdated cheque. I checked into the hotel for a couple of weeks, when my money ran out, I called the general manager and I told him that I am having problem assessing fund for now for some reasons. I made him understand what I was doing and showed him the paperwork of what I do.

He told me, he understands and demanded I give him a postdated cheque for that amount. I gave that postdated cheque. That day I gave the cheque, he went to the bank. When I got the alert on my phone, I called him that we dated this for next couple of weeks and he apologized. And that was it.'

When asked if the development will affect her candidature, she quickly responded: 'I was only detained in the prison. I am not an ex-convict. So, I don't think this will dent my image and my presidential race in any way.'

Meanwhile, Udok promised Nigerians that her party will ensure that Nigerians are well catered for, if elected.

'How many Nigerians are proud to be Nigerians? Some Nigerians are not well catered for. If you are living under the bridge, you don't have a friend. So, you are segregated. We are socialist-based party. We stand for equal rights for all Nigerians. Most Nigerians are not well looked-out for. Education has been bastardized in this country. We need to develop our children. We need to raise new generation that will be proud of being Nigerians - patriotic Nigerians.