National Assembly Polls moved again...To hold April 9...Inec yet to receive all election materials

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has again moved the National Assembly elections to April 9. learnt that Director of Logistics, Chukwu Ani, a die-hard loyalist of former INEC boss, Maurice Iwu, ensured the delivery was bungled.

A source close to INEC said Ani, who , along with other cronies of Iwu had vowed to scuttle Jega's efforts by feeding the chairman with wrong information concerning the delivery of materials from Asia.

Said a source “ Jega told the nation he was ready for last Saturday because Ani had assured him materials would arrive on schedule. So he bought it and made his announcement”

According to our source, there is confusion over the whole drama, as Ani is insisting the Japanese firm promised Thursday . could however not confirm if the contactors had contradicted Ani's claims.

As at the time the election was stopped, over 15 million had voted in several states were materials were available.

The Presidential election will now hold on April 16, while the Governorship poll comes up on April 26, because 22 nd falls around the Easter holidays learnt that after Saturday's emergency meeting President Goodluck Jonathan held with his intelligence committee with INEC boss , Attahiru Jega in attendance, it was agreed the April 3 date was not feasible.

The idea was also dumped because the opposition parties kicked against the sudden date without consulting them.

They also argued that Monday was too close for them to raise extra cash, and re order priorities.

It was also gathered that even though Jega said election materials were due last Thursday, as at Saturday there was not hope all the expected materials would be on ground for distribution to rural areas by Sunday .

Jega was unable to confirm on Sunday that all the items expected for the elections would arrive before next Saturday.

The shift has torn to pieces all arrangements made by foreign observers. learnt that most of the observers expressed dismay because while they were planning for Monday, Jega again moved all by a week.

Said our source “ Some of the observers had booked hotels , made arrangements for last Saturday, and then INEC stopped it, and said Monday, then they had to call home , change hotel arrangements, but before they could settle down, INEC said Saturday, April 9”