Fire the PDP: By Folake Oritsejetemenu Olanrewaju

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Hopefully our votes will count this time around hopefully our people will vote right this time.   WE MUST FIRE THE PDP.   It is obvious the PDP is running scared. They have shown   bad and utterly irresponsible stewardship in the last 12 years. It is time for us to  fire them. No one is convinced by their bravado on the campaign trail. We do not believe a word of what they say, the good thing is that they do not even believe themselves. We have had it so bad under these band of robbers that a good majority no longer believe in this dysfunctional entity called Nigeria.  

  Let us look at their promises, NEPA. We live in the medieval age. We do not even have the capacity to generate enough power for one state like Lagos or Kaduna or even an industrial city like Aba. NEPA has made it impossible for us to grow.   When President Jonathan fraudulently claimed that power is stable in Nigeria, when he fraudulently claimed that his government is generating improved power supply, the rest of us wonder which country he was   talking about. We live on generators. Even the State house live on generator. As if that is not bad enough, we have the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world with vote for generators in our budget.   YOU NEED TO CAST YOUR VOTE WISELY. VOTE   AGAINST THE PDP. WE MUST FIRE THE PDP.   Poor power supply in the country is a   major contributor to the stagnant development in Nigeria. They have managed to stymie the ingenious artisans in Aba and Nnewi.   Traders, hospitals, small businesses have no prayer if we continue under the PDP. These wicked and clueless party have spent more than USD 16 billion on power, yet we have nothing to show for it. Rather things have grown worse. Lives and properties have been lost to the non chalance of the poor and miserable government of the last 12 years. WE MUST VOTE AGAINST THE PDP FROM THE STATE ASSEMBLY TO THE PRESIDENCY. in a couple of days, we will all troop out to vote for our National Assembly legislators. If you vote for the PDP, you have only committed suicide. We must fire all those who fraudlently won their party's nomination, we must vote against all those who won by whatever means their party 'primaries. If we defeat people like David Mark who never won the last elections anyway, if we defeat Speaker Bankole, then they will not have the useless majority they have currently. They will no longer be able to have a say in the affairs of our lives. WE MUST FIRE THE PDP.  

  How about our roads? I thought I was going to lose my life travelling the Ore-Benin road, yet we have a   minister of works from Benin. No wonder our royal father, HRH, the OBA of |Benin kicked him out of his palace. Not soon enough. Monies voted for our roads disappeared into the private accounts of some people in the PDP. Wretched poor people suddenly became super millionaires at our expense. In return   they gave us death and misery. PLEASE FIRE THE PDP. Do not vote for any of their candidates on Saturday, 2nd April instant. They do not mean well for us. They are contemptuous of us. They are disdainful of us. There is nothing like altruism in their lexicon. Iyabo Obasanjo, David Mark, Ekeremandu and the rest of those jokers must be defeated . Vote wisely and vote against them. They mean only one thing for us and that is death. Fire Jonathan, the chief stteward. He has no clue, he has no plans for Nigeria. He is in the vice grip of party goons who will bleed Nigeria to death if we do not fire them this time around. IT IS TIME TO FIRE THE PDP.  

  Look at the health sector. Our doctors graduate with fraudulent certificates in a completely prostate school system. Please ask around and see where these people go for medical treatment. Atiku,   in 2007 tore a ligament in his foot, he ran to America for treatment. Speaker Bankole has no trust in our health system, so he ships his wife off to another country;   iGhana for labour and delivery, yet he wants to return to the National Assembly. Fire Patricia Etteh, the hairdresser turned legislator. Fire all PDP representatives in the National Assembly. Do not elect those former governors who see the National |Assembly as a retirement home. Defeat, reject   OlusegunAgagu, Oyinlola, Bukola Saraki. They did not do anything for you while they had   immense executive powers, they will not do anything for you in the National Assembly. Their only ambition is to continue to be leeches on public treasury. They must be defeated and rejected. If we cannot have fairly decent health institutions, if these irresponsible people cannot account for the monies voted for our health sector, then they do not deserve to be our representatives. We need to vote wisely, we must reject these leeches.   FIRE THE PDP.  

  The school system in Nigeria is completely broken. We do not have the system commensurate with the budget allocated to our education sector annually. What we have are people who steal our monies to send their children to schools overseas. We need to fire the PDP. They do not deserve to be in our National Assembly. They deserve to be in jail. If their grand master had only twenty five thousand naira to his name when he became the president in 1999, how come he is reportedly worth billions today? the answer is obvious. They stole us blind. They appropriated for themselves our monies, they shortchanged us. FIRE THE PDP  

Let no one be deceived. These people are not invincible. Rather they are scared. Look at Godswill Akapbio of Akwa Ibom state. He is scared stiff   of   his imminent loss at the polls. He concocted a treason charge against   his opponent. He will be defeated this year. We have another job for him though. HE CAN BE A WITCH HUNTER SINCE THAT IS HIS SPECIALITY. THERE IS NO WAY GENERAL OLURIN WILL WIN IN OGUN STATE. THIS OLD MAN WAS A MILITARY GOVERNOR IN 1973. HE DID NOT ADD QUALITY TO THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE HE WAS A FAILURE EVEN WHEN HE RULED BY MILITARY FIAT. WHY DOES HE THINK HE CAN DO ANTHING BETTER MORE   THAN 2 DECADES LATER. REJECT OLURIN AT THE POLLS. I RISK TO SAY ALL PDP   CANDIDATES WILL BE DEFEATED IN   SOUTH WESTERN NIGERIA. FROM SOKOTO TO GOMBE, ADAMAWA TO PORT HARCOURT, FIRE THE PDP.  

  For food and sustenance. Women will trade their children for meals. If we have the misfortune of having the PDP back in our lives, then Nigeria will tip over. what we call human trafficking now will assume a frightening turn. Both the young and the old will run for   their dear lives. Life will be miserable, life will be brutish. There wiltl be a wholesale systemic collapse in Nigeria. The country will witness unprecedented crisis. Men will contract out their wives and daughters for sustenance. Nothing good can come from a PDP government. Do not believe anything they say, do not believe their promises of change. The only change they will bring will be for worse . WE MUST FIRE THE PDP. VOTE WISELY, FIRE THE PDP. DO NOT SELL YOUR VOTERS' CARDS. A VOTE FOR THE PDP IS A VOTE FOR PERPETUAL SERVITUDE. If these party of robbers attempt to steal our votes, we must all be ready TO REVOLT AGAINST THEM. YES WE CAN. WE CAN CHASE THESE LEECHES OUT OF TOWN. WE CAN WREST OUR COLLECTIVE LIVES AND FUTURE FROM THEM. THEY DESERVE ONLY ONE THING, AND THAT IS LONG JAIL TERMS. BE READY TO RESIST THE THEFT OF YOUR FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN. WE MUST FIRE THE PDP.