INEC Should Watch Akwa Ibom`s Akpabio Rigging Plans

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Editor, Regarding the mayhem that visited Ikot Ekpene and Uyo recently, many are asking if the burnt Tricycle and Cars that were parked at the State Secretariat compound have not

served the real purpose they was assembled for. If the government really meant to use the vehicles for the second phase of Taxi scheme as being pushed to people to believe, why park the vehicles for about three months before the incident? The vehicles may have been so position knowing that a reprisal attack was most likely should the ACN campaign train be attacked. What an alibi?   

Has it occurred to anyone that supporters of the many PDP elected officers who through the high-handedness of the government in power could not get return ticket, may also have been ready tools for the wanton destruction that visited the vehicles? From any angle you look at it, the sitting government has succeeded in creating a good alibi that attributed blame of the arson on the ACN.   

A section of an advertisement published in The Nation March 29, authored by ACN as an open letter to INEC chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, read thus: 'The government of Governor Akpabio will release more than 400 new Hilux Vans parked at Aduma Office Idu Uruan, Army, Mobile Police, regular Police, fake Uniforms for impersonation to heavily guard the Officers at the collation centres as they carry out their game plan to return Akpabio and the PDP to power at all cost'.   

It then goes to mean that just as the destroyed vehicles at the State Secretariat ground; another 400 have been parked at the Joint Task Force, JTF, (Aduma office) in Uyo. What are the vehicles and those fake police and military uniforms for if not for rigging the forthcoming election? This should be of concern to everyone.      

If I were Governor Akpabio I would do less of exposing the criminal aspect of the government. He can only confused Akwa Ibomites in Diasporas and not we that live here in Akwa Ibom; therefore this is to alert majority of such people to be watchful and mindful of how the government in power wants to rig the election and further destabilize the once most peaceful state in the federation. Former President Obasanjo seems to have imparted the do-or-die campaign disease to Governor Akpabio; but has it ever occur to Governor Akpabio that when he served his predecessor as a Commissioner, nothing like the present insecurity existed? He should save us.      

  Obong Ekanem Umoh,
  Nwaniba Road,
  Uyo, A'Ibom