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Mr. Yakubu Pam Jack is All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) candidate for Plateau North. He wants government to manage the crisis in the country to the barest minimum before the election. Excerpts

Government must reduce crisis before the election
At the beginning, the coming election looks promising especially with Prof. Jega at the helm of affairs at the Independent National Electoral Commission. But the rate of violence in the last few weeks is a thing of concern to most of us.

If people fight during campaign rallies, what will they do when they hear election results? A lot of enlightenment needed to be done people need to know that election is an alternative to violence means of changing government. They need to know that the person with the majority votes would win but the minority must still have their rights.

I have solution to Plateau problem
Plateau North and by extension Jos North itself is a cosmopolitan area. I thank God that am a detribalized person and I consider myself to be a bridge builder and I am a well traveled person. I have friends all over the country. That relationship I believe would translate into bringing people together.

Secondly, anybody aspiring to be a leader does not discriminate on the basis of tribe or a religion but would consider his  vision for the people because we have many tribes in Nigeria many of whom are represented in the state. We also have Muslims and Christians and those that do not even have any religion at all. All these people are voters and they must have voted for you to win election.  When the time comes and you have won ,your interest should be all-encompassing as you strive to offer good leadership. I look at myself as a bridge builder because I have friends from all sides of the divide and I am free with everyone. Within Jos North itself, I can walk into anywhere without fear of molestation or anything of the sort. This because of the relationship built over the year.

The senate would provide Platform to solve Plateau problem

There can never be any meaningful development when there is anarchy and there is no peace. One can only succeed when there is peace. One more important thing I will strive to achieve is to use my experience and the relationship that have existed between me and all other tribes  in plateau north to see how we can bring about peace.

After that there are is quite  a lot potentials in Plateau north which I think can be harnessed after the issue of peace has been settled. If given the opportunity, and by the grace of God I am going to win, I will give this state representation with a difference. You will see a difference in contribution in the National assemble.  in dealing with the electorates and also in addressing youth unemployment development, among other things. And   of course I will try to explore other neglected areas like tourism.

Plateau has not been well represented in the Senate

Everybody is born with his own gifts qualities. The electorates know whether he has represented them well or not. If people look at things he had done and as things are going on in the state they can judge whether he should be placed as average, below average or above average.

These are many indices that the electorates can use to judge a representative of the state in the national house. As a journalist you are suppose to pin point these  areas and let people know  whether he has failed or succeeded. Without been contradicting myself, I will say it only one senator from Plateau State that had made meaningful contribution at the national assembly and that is very unfortunate.