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Dosunmu decries Lagos' tax regime
THE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has urged Nigerians to vote for candidates of their choice and protect their votes in the forthcoming elections.

Speaking at a rally held in Yaba, former Lagos State governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, urged the people to vote for the party to ensure the return of Governor Babatunde Fashola to office.

Also, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, Dr. Ade Shamsideen Dosunmu, has decried the tax regime in the state and lauded the end of the protracted doctors' strike in the state.

In a statement by his spokesman, Dr. Segun Ogundimu, Dosunmu said it was certainly gratifying to read about the end of the seven-week strike in Lagos, which unleashed sorrow on the residents.

Yesterday marked Fashola's 1,400 days in office where he gave account of his stewardship and promised to do more if given the gubernatorial mandate again.

Tinubu, who marked his 59th birthday yesterday, thanked the people for honouring the event, saying that four years ago, 'we came with a young man with a guarantee that he would perform very well and you all accepted and voted him in and he has performed excellently well. Babatunde Raji Fashola is still the best man for the job and Nigerians should vote for him'.

He urged that fasting should be done on the day of the election and that the electorate should await the outcome of the elections so as not to be cheated.  'It should be one man, one vote', he stressed.

He also advised youths to be voters and volunteer agents of the party and not to engage in any form of violence.

Fashola gave account of his stewardship at the Onikan Stadium where people who also benefitted from his administration spoke. A man with a kidney problem who was treated without charges and a lady who was brutalised by a naval officer but was later compensated spoke about the good governance of Fashola.

Dosunmu lamented that it was shocking to note that even doctors, supposed humanitarian workers, did not escape the tax-payers' axe in Lagos. 'Money is given to civil servants with the right hand and taken away with the left hand – smart guys', he said.

Dosunmu said further: 'Doctors, as you are back, please keep one eye open as the ACN government has no integrity. Watch out for hidden pranks on tax matters on your pay-slip, you can't trust these people.

'I commend you for the victory on this fight for humanity. Remember achievement is but a milestone, the end of the journey still lies far beyond. Now that their ego is flat on the ground, use the opportunity to beg and prostrate for them to humanely look at the demands of your other members of the health team, the nurses. You certainly will need their services to double your efforts.  This they know but they will pretend not to if only to get half a pound of flesh back from you for hurting their ego'.