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Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) governorship candidate for Enugu State, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, has reacted to the recent interview where Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime, expressed confidence that he would cruise to victory in next month's governorship election in the state.

The governor also justified the unalloyed support, which he said, he and his colleagues from the South-east were giving President Goodluck Jonathan. According to him, given the present circumstances, it was in the Jonathan presidency that South-east interest could best be served.

Reacting to those assertions in another exclusive chat with Daily Sun in Enugu, Okechukwu, who hails from the same Udi Local Government Area with the governor, noted that what could save the governor in the April polls was 'because the people of Enugu are still suffering from the hangover of a brutal administration by his predecessor.'

'So you find out that the only thing saving people like Sullivan is that Enugu State people have a hangover; a hangover that between God and man he is better than his predecessor who ran a brutal government. But we are saying that Enugu State needs higher governance; that Sullivan has reached his arc; the arc has ended.'

The CPC candidate also disagreed with the issue of Jonathan, insisting 'between him and his colleagues, the South-east governors have been very unfaithful to the Igbos; very unfaithful and inconsiderate. Why do I say so? Ndi-Igbo, I know like every other ethnic group in Nigeria, have two levels of interest, one is symbolic, the other is substantial. President Goodluck Jonathan cannot serve either the symbolic interest of Ndi-Igbo or any other ethnic group, or the substantial interest of Ndi-Igbo.