My dear Governor and brother,
I hope this letter meets you in good health. I am writing to you at this time because I am worried just as you are at the recent turn out of politics here in our state. The unfolding political situation has become pretty uncertain and seems so unpredictable especially for you. You have really worked so hard the past few weeks at least in media publicity to show yourself to Bayelsans as the preferred gubernatorial candidate. I must take you into confidence that the odds are against you now. It appears that despite all your begging, cash disbursements, propaganda, harassment and intimidation, Bayelsans are bent on voting you out this time. I find this very strange because I presumed that as an old political war horse you were a master in the game. You were a member of the house of assembly in the old Rivers State and many of us had very high expectations when you emerged as the governor in our state. But you seem to have lost steam so quickly. What happened? I thought you had many advisers including your uncle the Maduabebe of Nembe Kingdom. How come you derailed?

My thinking will be that you were very much in a hurry to set up your own political structure. Granted, you had a few boys to empower within your network but you would have allowed things to happen slowly. You could have concentrated on major projects like your brother Rotimi Amaechi and would have earned yourself useful political mileage for a time like this. Rather you just started carting away money as though you will not be there for the whole four years. In the process you compromised every other thing and started going after both real and imaginary enemies. Now you have too many cases pending both at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Metropolitan Police. That is very sad and disappointing.

Another costly political blunder you made was to start supporting the anti-Jonathan movement. Did you not know that it will back fire? Who gave you that destructive advice? You can see they have misled you. But even at that, when Jonathan emerged as President you would have gone to beg him and his wife. Now things are getting late and may get out of hand. You would have remained neutral but not to fight your brother or sponsor those fighting him. President Jonathan would have become an important asset to you now but you cannot approach him for any help because he will not listen. No Ijaw man will behave the way you did by going against another Ijaw brother openly in the media. Now is payback time. The President has enormous power and may deploy them against you unless you act quickly. I know that things are really bad but if you are able to do these six things that I ask you, you may get a soft landing:

1. Disband Fatamugbei immediately. That organization is giving you a lot of bad press. Caution your Chief of Staff Samuel Ogbuku because it is seen by the international community that you and him are funding terrorism and this can backfire on you later. He just brought in a few more arms and boys for the elections. That will not be useful and the plans have leaked. This is in confidence.

2. Beg President Jonathan now. Going by what you and I know, you may be vacating Creek haven on the 29th of May. That means you will be stripped of your immunity. EFCC will very likely move in on you as they have a lot of materials on you already and President Jonathan is the only one that can step in can and them. Otherwise you may spend a while in jail.

3. Apologize to the Inspector General of Police. This is crucial because of the way you assaulted the officer. You must be more careful in the future, my brother. When I read it, I began to wonder why you will take that ‘thing’ the day the President is visiting. At least I know that when you are high, it is wrong to count anything against you. Many people will not understand. The other day you slapped the Commissioner and injured him with your walking stick. Do not do that again.

4. Make an unscheduled visit to Labour Party Candidate Timi Alaibe and talk with him. Explain your own side and blame your aides for part of the mayhem that was unleashed on Alaibe’s supporters. Promise him that you will compensate all the families who lost their lives during the attacks. He will understand, he has a large heart. You may wish to inform him that you are planning to go for medical checkup out of the country around the 25th of May and so plead with him that your deputy will have to hand over to him and ask for his protection and safe landing.

5. As you know, April allocation may be the last one that will pass through your hands. Be ‘wise’ about it. Take as much as you can and be more careful in laundering the money. Do not use that company Sylvaski Limited or the commissioner of finance and his septic tank. Those are barbaric and dangerous moves. You can move the cash yourself with the help of General Africa and Ogun Boss using you yacht across the sea. Work out a resting place for yourself and please do not go to South Africa or Dubai. You can try Ghana and from there you can make a re-entry into their oil and gas industry.

6. Finally you must carry your wife along. She deserves it. She has been very understanding especially when you take overdose of that ‘thing’ as you often do. Make sure you move some of the cash through her as she has been very professional so far in doing her own side of laundering. Do not use any of the Odomitetes(young ladies) as they may get you into trouble. Learn from Ibori’s horrendous experience and be wiser.

I really feel for you and wish I can help. Meanwhile I will be available always meet up at our usual place around midnight. Do not bother to come with supplies as I have enough to serve us. I am so sad that this may not continue. It is just too late in the day to avoid this but let us pray that the casualty figure will not be so high and at least you can retire and enjoy your antelope peacefully beyond May 29th. I wish you the best.

Yours truly
Onitari Thomas.

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