Nduka, Thisday Work Against The Growth of Democracy In Nigeria

Source: huhuonline.com

  I write to join millions of Nigerians that have been following Nduka Obaigbena and his Thisday since the paper came into existence in the heat of the annulment of elections in 1993 to condemn the fake 2011 elections opinion poll released on Monday March 21st 2011. Please recall that Thisday came into existence during the time of Chief Shonekan's illegal interim government in 1993. Working in tandem with a frightened Shonekan and his unstable government only God knows how he deceived him to close the Guardian and the Punch newspapers just to make way for his paper to sneak into the market.       

Nduka and Thisday connived with Abacha to lay siege on Nigerians until the man died in 1998. He switched over to General Abdulsalam Abubakar until democracy was ushered in 1999. Initially President Obasanjo refused to do business with Nduka Obaigbena until he sought a second term in office in 2003. That was when Nduka sold the idea of fake opinion polls to the president Obasanjo's men. Since then Nduka has been smiling to the banks. He used the same fake opinion polls in 2007 to rig the late President Musa Yar'Adua to power, and I stand to be challenged. If in doubt, please go to the archives to take a look at all Thisday's opinion polls on all 2007 elections.

It is on record that all the decisions of the High Courts, Appeal Courts, Election Tribunals, Supreme Courts rendered nugatory all Thisday opinion polls on 2007 elections.       Please do not forget that the decision of Supreme Court on the Presidential was four Judges in favour of Yar'Adua and three in favour of General Buhari. So what happens to Nduka and his Thisday opinion polls on 2007 elections especially that of Anambra, Delta, Rivers, Edo, Ekiti, Ondo, and Osun States ?    

A day to the governorship elections in 2007, Nduka's Thisday said that Lagos is too close to call meaning that it is either PDP or AC. By the time we got to the polling boots, we did not see PDP supporters on ground. Governor Fashola ran away with victory. So what happened to Thisday's too close to call polls? Absolute rubbish!      

In 2011, Nduka and his Thisday think all of us are fools as both the man and his useless paper return to the familiar road. But this time this fraud must be exposed. I make bold to say that Mr Nduka Obaigbena and Thisday should be probed from 1993 till date.

I insist that our renascent democracy has been under threat because of the activities of certain individuals and institutions in Nigeria and Nduka and Thisday are part of them. They have been helping to write armed robbers and fraudsters into power since 1999. No wonder this country has frittered away the huge resources it has earned from 1999 till date more than what we had earned from 1960 to 1999.      

I submit that this country is where it is today because of what our leaders have made it. And these leaders have not been working alone. They have cronies, Court jesters and robbers who urge them to go on at the expense of 150 million Nigerians. Nduka and Thisday are part of those classes of people and institutions.      

I am therefore joining a patriot, Mr Yinka Odumakin to ask ICPC to probe Nduka and Thisday starting from 1993. When we wrote that the latest Thisday's opinion poll is a fraud, somebody wrote to me that he put a call to his friend working in Thisday to ascertain whether the staff were in the know of how the opinion poll was conducted, the guy said nobody was consulted and no research was carried out. What was fed to Nigerians was a figment of Nduka's imagination. A job he does every election year to make a living. Nigerians must stop Nduka and Thisday to make democracy work here.

Thisday's opinion polls remain a fraud simplicita!  

Joe Igbokwe