Nigeria: Imminent Collapse of Government Projects in Rivers State

By Mosop Media

Governorship Hopeful, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo, Rivers State Hope Democratic Party (HDP) Candidate in the April 2011 governorship election speaks on vision for civil unity and security, while experts predict imminent collapse of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi's random policy projects

The Technical Team of the Governorship Candidate of Hope Democratic Party (HDP), Rivers State, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo released its report on Monday, March 21, 2011 in which experts said most of Governor Rotimi Amaechi's roads, primary school buildings and health centers face imminent collapse. The experts charged by HDP Governorship Candidate said past budgets reviewed had no focus and projects characterized by random decisions, lack of proper planning and the use of substandard materials. On display were protest letters last year by some communities complaining of substandard materials for projects. Budget discrepancies points to corrupt practices and future planning may be hampered by consequences of random policy by Governor Amaechi.

Goodluck Diigbo said: “I will initiate proper review and re-planning of all genuine projects by the Amaechi government for appropriate actions. The political climate may be dark. But I am optimist. I pledge to you therefore, my fellow citizens of Rivers State that from the day I am sworn-in as the next governor of Rivers State; I will do everything within the law and my power; to improve and strengthen democratic institutions in Nigeria. I will chart a new path to development; so that the people of Rivers State can enjoy their freedom, liberty and happiness.

“This governorship election is not about me,” Diigbo said. “It is more about the people of Rivers State who are now suffering. Look at recent Amnesty International Report on Rivers State Government and you will be shocked by crimes against humanity connected with the government. We must explain things to our fellow citizens. We should not keep them in the dark. We cannot vote for same old politicians who are hiding the truth and are reluctant to debate. The only chance left for the next four years to sow a new seed is the coming election, for whatever we sow, that shall we also reap.” On the question of marginalization of civil servants in Rivers State, Dr. Diigbo maintained that it was a great mistake to exclude civil servants or not addressed their grievances. “The day I am sworn-in I will begin dialogue to bring civil servants back to the table,” Dr. Diigbo remarked.

Dr. Goodluck Diigbo during his at Ken Saro-Wiwa Peace and Freedom Center, Bori on Sunday, March 20, 2011 in a speech titled: The Hope We Have: The challenges we are ready to overcome”, spoke about his vision for unity, civil security and development. “I am offering new ideas and new leadership styles for real change. I will end the policy of divide and rule by the Amaechi administration. I will bring all citizens and other residents in Rivers State together as one people for the collective good. I pledge to re-establish unity as a matter of priority. I will be the governor of all political parties, not only for Hope Democratic Party (HDP). We must give hope and translate hope into real harmony through an all-inclusive Government, involving representatives of women, business, the youth, women, civil servants and traditional rulers. We must invest in peaceful co-existence and inter-ethnic relationships.