By NBF News
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I have watched you increase rates over time in Nigeria, without a commensurate robustness in programme viewing, particularly movies. You will pick about five movies per year and repeat them to the point of disgust, when there are so many great movies out there that you can show. I compare your programming to other cable networks outside Nigeria that are so robust in their offerings, and dearly wish I had the resources to subscribe to them.

I have watched you advertise juicy promos and limit them to South Africa only, and toss Nigeria a few bones to keep us uninformed folks happy. I have noted your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in South Africa and note the lack thereof in Nigeria. I am certain that our government agencies that regulate you have been captured by you, since they do not really bother about what is the interest of ordinary Nigerians as a whole. Why should they bother about comparing the quality of service we get here to other places, when as individuals they are satisfied? So we have no one to take up our cause.

Now you announce another increase in rates despite the huge number of subscribers you have in Nigeria. Ordinarily this should keep our subscription costs down because it is spread more. But our government officials will do nothing about this. They will do nothing to break the near monopoly you have in this country, and encourage other great cable companies out there to come into Nigeria and give Multichoice a good run for the patronage of Nigerians.

But it is a matter of time, enjoy your ride while it lasts.

•Omo Omorodion