Since 1999 when my country home Nigeria returned to democracy to date, good and bad things happened; some in good direction of developing and transforming people but most were mainly for looting people’s money without any meaningful development on the ground. In some states you will come across physical development but in many nothing is there to show you that the country is in a democracy.

One of such states where there is physical poverty is Adamawa. Despite its position politically and administratively since the ancient time up to the time of Jihad of restoring the good teachings of Islam led by Shehu Usman Dan Fodio through his flag bearers, including Moddibbo Adama. The state is blessed with fertile land and livestock in millions such as cows, sheep and goat, producing healthy milk and meat to the country.

It is also blessed with sons and daughters who excel in contributing their quota to the development of Nigeria as a country. The prominent sons and daughters include former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Professor Jibril Aminu, Alhaji Kwairanga Jada, Professor Iya Abubakar, Alhaji Adamu Bello and host of others. But with all this calibre of people the state had remained backward because of what one can described as their selfishness to the detriment of others. They were allegedly accused of squandering the monies meant for the transformation of the poor people to themselves living them in abject and perpetual poverty.

The state had received huge sums of money since the enthronement of democracy to date but one cannot see any physical development on the ground that will tell you development or transformation of people from grass to grace. Currently the reverse is the case.

Meanwhile, as Nigerians are on their way to electing new leaders in the April general elections, one of the illustrious sons of the state in the person of Gen. Mohammad Buba Marwa who carved a niche for himself in all the places he worked comes out to restore the dignity of his people. His report card in all the places he served tell every person having listening ears about his capabilities of transforming any area no matter the challenges or difficulties of governance. He made tremendous contribution in his days as Military Governor of Lagos and Borno States as well as United States of America as Military Attachee and South Africa.

He also contributes his quota through a foundation named after him which gives thousands scholarships to less privilege children in northern Nigeria and the country as a whole who cannot afford to go to higher institution due to poverty after all they were very sound in all the courses in various universities across the country, the foundation also assist in building bore holes and other essential amenities that governments fail to do at various localities around the country apart from organizing workshop, symposia and conference educating youth and public on the important of peaceful co existence in a giving community.

Adamawa state was facing many problems of under development which made her citizens to distance themselves from the state because nothing one can see to think of good leadership. Two most problems facing the state are portable drinking water and roads, the issue of water supply can be history if the funds allocated to the state over the years was used judiciously but because those in power loot the money, poor masses were left in serious hardship, the water problem has made lives of the people to be in doom nobody knows when the solutions is coming. Another is road, both the federal and state roads are no more road but death trap where you can even find the sign of them, for visitors and other commuters flying the roads one is always on suspicion on what is going to happen to him before he get to the state capital, as result bad roads facing the area there is no security of lives there armed bandits and other food robbers are standing by the roads to snatch anything their hands can reach from people.

When there is no good roads the issue of investment was kill because one cannot go there to come out with a company or any industry in order to bring development to the area, this inform their under development despite been bless by God with fertile land and Fadama that if utelize will not only boost food production but it will add more revenue to the government. This and many serious problems facing the state made Muhammad Marwa to leave his party PDP to join the wagon of CPC in order to bring his people from murky water drop them by selfish leaders that governed the state from 1999 to date without any physical development on the ground.

It is timely if the good people of Adamawa State come out in their thousands and elect him come April 2011 to enable him use his vast experience in transforming the state with amenities that can wipe out perpetual poverty facing the state now. May Allah give him the mandate to bring sanity to his country home Adamawa State, amen.

Bello Ahamadu Alkammawa writes from Sultan Bello Road, Kaduna. 07030399110. [email protected]

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