Dared by girlfriend, Jim Iyke bares all in public

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Jim Iyke
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It is not only in movies that Nigerian actors pull stunts. Sometimes, they pull them in really life especially when the issue of love is concern.

Jim Iyke recently proved that to be true when he walked stark naked in the lobby of a five-star hotel in broad daylight just to prove to his Cuban-Jamaican American girlfriend as he usually refers to her that he loves her and he would do anything reasonable and unreasonable to show how much he loves her.

His girlfriend, who has a thing or two to do with running an agency that supplies topnotch beauties for video of hip hop stars in America, underestimated Jim's love and dared him to walk naked in broad daylight to prove the undying love he has always been professing in one of the European countries they had both gone for holiday.

A very impeccable source, who is close to the UNIPORT graduate, told us Now that the actor gave the request some thought and after a while sneaked out on his girlfriend and took off to the lobby downstairs via the lift. It was while in the lift that he undressed and stepped out naked as soon as the lift hit the ground floor. His plan was to call his babe as soon as he hit the floor.

But for the intervention of the eagle-eyed security operatives of the five-star hotel who had seen the actor undressing in the lift and deem his action offensive, the 'birthday suit' of our dear Jim would have been for public display. The security operatives laid siege on the lift as soon as the door swung open and covered the black dude with a blanket so as not to offend their esteemed customers.
They decided to take him to the police station after discovering that he was mentally stable, for trying to offend the sensibilities of other hotel users.

Despite facing an impending state sanction, Jim still managed to play his chronic lover boy by making a request on the police who had been called to the scene that his lover be alerted so that she would know he was about to be crucified as it were for her.
It was a teary-eyed and awe-struck lover girl that came to the scene after being informed of what happened. The police later got explanation from the lover girl that Jim got involved in the shameful drama to prove his undying love for her.

Not swayed by the love angle introduced to the scenario, the policemen took Jim to the station and it took the intervention and guarantee of a lawyer that Jim would not constitute a nuisance to the public anymore before he was allowed to go home.
On getting back to the hotel, he checked out of the hotel with his lover and headed straight for the airport where the two love birds returned to the United States.

Jim confirmed the story when we ran into him shortly before he traveled to America, and reiterated the fact that he has finally found love. But he declined to mention the name of the country in order not to affect his future business dealings. He went as far as saying “as a man, I would stand up for my girl and defend her if need be.” Remember he confessed to 'whipping the ass of a Lagos based radio DJ for harassing his girlfriend who was in Nigeria recently in a club' in an interview with a soft-sell magazine not too long ago.

For daring to pull a stunt with a situation that almost led him to jail, who says our actors don't have location hangover?
Meanwhile, the actor who is presently out of the country, is planning a duet with hip hop artiste, Faze of the Kolomental fame. The plan to hit the studio was in top gear before he traveled. He, however, promised to be around for Faze album release, which is scheduled for sometimes later this month.