Pres. Jonathan Promotes Injustice Ibrahim Auta, Saro-Wiwa's Killer?

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What kind of country is this that kills its own people? was Ken Saro-Wiwa's question before he was grabbed unto the gallows to die unjustly. As though the brutal force, rope or hangman noose Nigeria, through injustice Ibrahim Auta, late Phillip Umeadi and Joseph Daudu, etc. were not enough, Goodluck 'Ebele' Jonathan, PDP and the National Assembly are about to attempt to kill and bury Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 other innocent Ogoni/Niger delta activists again. We are approaching another Oct. 30 and 31, judgment days and Nov. 10th, the day they were killed, as we await this disrespectful confirmation, having promoted Auta for the office of the Interim Judge of the Abuja division of the Federal High Court.

The great news though is, because Nigeria/$hell could not kill every Ogoni and people of good conscience in Niger delta/Nigeria on Nov. 10, 1995, Saro-Wiwa and others will not die again as systematically fashioned by Jonathan and the cabal. What kind of country is this that kills its own people, the innocent and bright ten times-even more? While Ogonis struggles to recover from the brutality, senseless, barbaric, egregious, legally stupid and inhumane killing of our loved ones, because we do not matter like all other groups in Niger delta do not for sitting on oil, Nigeria is using our very own Jonathan, to pour gasoline over woods in a fire that quenched not.

Hearing about these promotions sounds like eavesdrops from kids play; it truly sounds like someone in his or her dreams flying only to wake up and realize no step has been taken from the bed. Behold, my people, Jonathan and his cabinet is appointing or promoting the devil who accepted to kill 9 innocent humans before our eyes to deepen the never ending wounds of injustice. Though subject to senate/national assembly approval, the senate will approve this promotion once presented before it to fulfill some of the promises made to these killers before the gallows. And, I weep for Saro-Wiwa and others; I weep for Ogoni, Niger delta; for Nigeria, Africa-our world and weep no more because the sinful souls shall die and there shall be no trace of who they were but devil's incarnate. They shall have no peace!

If Jonathan confirm ( as he may already have done) Auta then what will be left of his humanity or dignity but betrayal? that will double the lack of trust ordinary people have in him. Where will be the hope for justice; where is the peace that has been promised, where is the understanding, one Nigeria or humility Oronto Douglas claimed in a recent interview that his boss has? Jonathan sitting before this glaring insult/betrayal is claiming, "I'll protect less privileged Nigerians," as the headline in Daily Sun of March 17 (NT), is attributed to him. If he can not see reasons to stop Auta who killed the caliber of Saro-Wiwa, how then will he protect the less privileged? Just usual elections/campaign lies, uh; where would decency go; thrown to the dogs?

My people, where is Bari, God or Allah; what about nonviolence? Oh, I get it, arms struggle is the key, right? That Auta, Daudu and others who insulted our sense of decency, repressed justice to raise standing ovation for injustice were living and not made to face any kind of investigation/arraignment and justice, was like adding salt and pepper to injury. To grant them further leave, promoting one of the chief murderers Daudu to the position of the president of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA? God forbid!) having been assured and granted SAN before accepting to join the killer squad at the Nigerian kangaroo tribunal, is like drugging the living whose senses of justice and equality are not dead to die ten times. Then crowning the third overall murderer Auta to head the apex court is like gassing innocent children whose parents were killed during a war they never planned nor fought but murdered in cold-blood to die living. Is Nigeria not ashamed enough?

Yes, if I could jump and pounce insanity I will, attempting to put Jonathan's ready-to-go slap and insult to Ogoni, Niger delta, Nigeria, Africa and the globe into perspective. But, despite the positive content-based emotions you may be reading herein I, like many others are not surprised reading about the dumbness of these promotions. Yes, I have written before that Jonathan is an hypocrite and some almost threw me stones. I did not renege because I knew I was right. We knew why the cabal carefully selected Jonathan. We knew they had people on him who knew his integrity was not sound-that he could commit any crime against his people for a mess of rulership pottage. Na power una call lam? i de make some people stupid and not smart...

His actions, which were primarily to deliver Niger delta to the oppressive/exploiting cabal against the region's interest, break the ranks of Niger delta chiefs and leaders especially the likes of inconsistent Edwin Clark and Ledum Mitee (Jonathan's friend), who allegedly partook in the betrayal of Saro-Wiwa (with a promise to kill MOSOP to its deepest grave for him to be cosmetically acquitted, and also perfected the Niger delta amnesty handed him by the Federal government so that oil will continue to flow) are manifesting as envisaged.

The fact that Jonathan became deputy gov and selected to be vice president and now president through a struggle Saro-Wiwa engendered that brought BAYELSA State due to the consciousness and pressure is glaring. This same Ebele has commended almost every known figure who helped (by their struggle or blood) to bring the exit of military rule yet fails repeatedly to publicly acknowledge Saro-Wiwa as the person whose death really forced such exit (see 1995 Commonwealth suspension of Nigeria) makes him the Niger delta first class puppet to the Nigerian cabal that ever lived. I knew Jona will not do any thing different nor better than Abacha. The cabal knew who they picked.

This one nobi Fela talk o. So make una no think say na yabis-it is the truth! Yes, I am not surprised like many others are not. We are not

surprised that though Oronto Douglas is not the president, he was the one who deserted the legal profession as one of Saro-Wiwa's lawyers when the Nine were killed. Douglas went abroad (USA) on that blood ticket, preached, wrote and made money from the struggle, and now the special adviser to the Federal government or Jonathan. He has not advised anything positive for Ogoni to our knowledge. If for nothing he should have known better and advice against this legal charade called promotion of Auta. We wait to see what role he is playing. He should have known better, my people by openly protesting this appointment like he did at the tribunal not minding the outcome of his protest. A sure sense of decency could be smacked in our faces here. Will I be surprised? Not at all!

Finally, injustice Auta's promotion or that of his co-killer Daudu, is not just Jonathan's issue as mentioned inter alia. In the real sense, it is the design of Nigeria and its greedy, inept and devilish cabal using Jona as a tool. It is a fulfillment of some promises made by the so-called majority ethnic group's politicians to Auta and Co, that after they have killed Saro-Wiwa, the big fish, and others so that the threat of honesty and intellectuality will be buried in a less than 6 feet grave at the Port Harcourt cemetery, and the ghost of him cast with no trace this elevation shall be made. Remember two Ogonis (Charles Danwi and Naanyone Mkpa) who were promised houses anywhere in Nigeria, N30,000 then, jobs or OMPADEC contracts, etc. by $hell and government revealed these promises as we also know of Mitee's acquittal. $hell is still a quasi government in Nigeria as evident in Wikileaks Cable revelation. Unfortunately for them, oil/gas they thought will continue unabated in Ogoni and other parts of Niger delta when the diminutive creature Saro-Wiwa with his big laugh and pipe can no longer bark nor smile) is still stopped officially in Ogoni.

Should Auta and the rest smile? No. If they do, such smiles have huge question marks since they are not where they truly belong-maximum

security prison for life! Saro-Wiwa thus smiles at his usual glands because a day must surely come. This I truly know; for the Autas and Daudus

must answer to these killings even in their graves.

So long as Saro-Wiwa's brother Jonathan is used to secure his death 10 times or more, yet he refused to die, the blood will not cease crying; Nigeria will not cease being miserable. The Abachas, $hells, Autas, Umeadis, Daudus, Dauda Musa Komos, Ada Georges, Okuntimos and all those who played one role or the other to kill the Ogoni 9, and many more shall not rest not minding where they are. They have put perceptual wounds and pains in our hearts, so shall continue to be chased in their dreams-even in their demise shall they not see peace but pieces, the same way they gave Ogoni, Niger delta and all the oppressed of Nigeria. If Nigeria approve this serpent-man Auta, it implies it wants no peace and has continued to murder sleep so shall cease to sleep ad infinitum!

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