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The author's main interest is to make readers get to the top through a well-articulated and highly-motivated intimate relationship with God. One of the aims of the author is also to pick a pauper from the dungeon of obscurity to the level of success and noticeability.

In nine chapters and 121 pages, the book lists a number of steps to be taken before one attains success. The first chapter entitled: Step forward , explains the dictionary meaning of progress which he means an onward movement towards a destination. It could also connote advancement, development or improvement. It also means moving forward or onwards to another location.

For the purpose of his book, progress means advancing or moving towards a determined destination. The author gives a good example of the Israelites determined attempts to move but which was hindered by their enemy. God's instruction to us today is to move forward and to refuse stagnation. He reminds the reader that we have spent so much time on building beautifully decorated churches, holding several unending and unproductive committee meetings as well as organizing and attending many unprofitable. But that all these rarely change hence people have refused to move forward.

Chapter two' Challenge for a change, urges the reader not to be afraid of challenges or problems on the road. The man who receives constant progress is the man who makes constant progress in life. He enumerates challengeable opportunities. A local reggae artiste thought he was a superstar until he saw one that challenged him and who became more successful than him. Ben Carson, a brain surgeon, had to do something he never thought he could do. He succeeded far above his superiors. Here the author tells his reader to accept a challenge and excel in whatever challenges that is before him.

In Chapter three: Get off comfort zone, Bowman says man is a comfort-seeking creature. A comfort zone is a place where every drive for progress is killed. In comfort zones, only dead men are found there. He gives a vivid example of the late Archbishop of Church of God Mission and how his vision could have been killed at the comfort zone if he accepted a pastoral employment in America. He could have died untold or unsung if he chose to stay and get American citizenship. Here the author wants his reader to take risks as it It is risky not to take a risk, according to the late Archbishop Idahosa.

The author uses chapter four, Say no to Pharaoh's Deal, to let his readers go after what they want in life. Pharaohs deal according to him, is deceptive and subtle because he tells you that he has released you, but places a limit to how far you can go. So, people should not accept to be stopped. Rather, they should define in clear terms what they want in life.

Bowman in the fifth chapter, Mental Progress first says we cannot talk about progress in life until we address the mindset first. Your life is a product of your mind. No man thinks failure twenty hours, and lands in success, he explains noting, 'Do away with every negative picture from your mind if your must forward.' 'As a man thineketh in his heart so he is (Pro.23:7) for God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.'

The next chapter; If you make progress, Do not trespass says ' When a man sins something dies in him' as propounded by T.L Osborn. Here the author uses the example of Reuben who sinned against his father, and lost his inheritance in Israel because of his sin. To the author, it is sin that has hindered us from our match to progress.

He wants all believers to stay clear of sin. The tag 'as unstable as water' for the first born of Israel is not a good mark and equally not good enough. In Chapter seven, Increase your purity level, the author tells the reader that his or her purity level determines your progress and power level, 'Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (Math 5 - 8).

Sin is wickedness and must be avoided.
Chapter Eight, It is your choice explains the author's belief that success does not come by chance, but by choice. In other words, whatever you desire to be in life depends largely on your choice and decision, everybody wants to be successful but not all want to be there.

God is a progressive God and has wanted us to be unstoppable. God wants you to move forward through whatever good thing you are doing. And as the Lord spoke unto Moses, whatever, crieth thou unto me? Speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward (Exodus 14 - 15). The journey to the top is usually breathtaking.

He concludes this chapter by reminding the reader that the world has been waiting for him or her and that it is wrong to die unfulfilled. And there are potentials in you that could be useful. Use them and become something. He cited instances of great men on the mystery man about coca - cola Asa griggs candler who was born on Dec 30, 1851 whose rich influences is still felt globally.

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