Ondo LP lampoons PDP, calls leaders Perennial Offenders

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The Labour Party in Ondo State has called the alarm raised by the Opposition Peoples Democratic Party in Ondo State as the call of a thief for protection after being caught in the act.

The PDP had in a press briefing alleged that the Labour Party Government in Ondo State was stockpiling arms, intends to probe former Governor Olusegun Agagu and is planning to arrest its members.

In a statement yesterday, State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Femi Okunjemiruwa Esq said the allegations raised by the Tayo Dairo-led PDP underlines the penchant for falsehood and criminality by the PDP in the State.

“If Agagu, Dairo and their band of perennial offenders want to prevent the law from taking its course, then sane men will not sit down and watch. Their identified members have history of being perennial customers of the police and other security agents. The chief of staff to Agagu has been in and out of EFCC detention in recent times. In the last one week, some of these have been charged to court for possession of arms and ammunition by the police as has been reported in the dailies. To say they are about to be arrested is to be mischievous. Or is it the Labour Party Government that arrested these 'friends' of law enforcers?

“If a group led thugs on a parade of assault, affray and violence round a Local Government Headquarters wielding guns, machetes and other offensive weapons and were eventually apprehended by security agencies, only a group with no shame should hide under politics to cover up such misdeeds,” he said.

On what the Party expects in the light of reported violence he said: “We have said and we need to reiterate the fact that the Police and other security agencies need to be fortified to curtail the lawless tribe inhabiting the PDP umbrella in Ondo State.

“They see themselves as masters of violence and it will take an alert and proactive security system to be able to put then in check.”

The Party, which said the man at the root of the violence is Dr. Olusegun Agagu in the statement said: “It is sad that former Governor Agagu in order to be seen as relevant in his Senatorial Zone has created a violent force to carry out sporadic assaults on perceived enemies particularly members of the Labour Party and members of the PDP that wants to leave their sinking ship.

“Not too long ago, his men almost turned a small disagreement between people who have lived together in peace and harmony in Iju Osun in Irele Local Government Area into a communal fight before the police intervened. Just yesterday, they attacked a Labour Party campaign team at Ido Ani on the way back to Akure from Imeri in Ose Local Government Area.

“Perhaps it was their successful initiation of violence in Iju Osun where they had a free day that emboldened them to march on Ode Irele on 12 th of March, spreading violence and intimidation.

“That the police moved in to avert what could have been wanton bloodletting must have shocked them to their marrows hence the recourse to false alarm.”

The party said it is aware that Albert Akintoye a.k.a, S.O.T., its point man in Ode Irele is involved in a pending case at the Magistrate Court in Akure after he violently attacked the Irele Local Government Secretariat in company of others, destroying properties in the process.