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As his campaign train moved to Okrika Local Government Area, Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi, enjoyed massive support in the hometown of one of his opponents in the April gubernatorial election, Dr. Abiye Sekibo of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Also, former governor of Rivers State, Chief Rufus Ada-George, also from Okrika, has openly endorsed Governor Amaechi to emerge winner of the polls.

Addressing the peopIe at the rally, on Tuesday, Governor Amaechi expressed anger at what transpired in Okrika before he came to power and his determination to restore peace to the area and its people. 'I was extremely angry when the Okrika young men were being killed in Okrika and I complained to the former governor. We can play politics, we can win election but we should not win election with people's lives; we should rather keep people alive and lose election.'

'The first thing your brother should do is to come here and apologise to you people for the number of lives lost.

'I have done Okrika Ring Road and they said they had done 70 per cent before I came. The same people, who are claiming 70 per cent were the contractors. I never cancelled the contract, all I did was expand it from less than three kilometres to four kilometres with more bridges.

'And your own son said I should not have expanded it. Today, that your son and others are driving on that road.'

Amaechi explained that the governor or government could not be second to God. 'Government comes after the people, because government only provides leadership. You don't impose yourself as an emperor over the people.'

'The struggle for the governorship of Rivers State most times is because of poverty. The moment politicians begin to get poor, they start looking for avenues. We do not want people to tamper with our resources; we want those who will equitably distribute these resources to our people.'

Governor Amaechi however declared that his administration in the next 4 years if re-elected, would focus on Infrastructure and Agriculture to create employment, as well as capacity building. 'The PDP government will consolidate on what we have to improve the lives of Okrika people and all other lives of Rivers people.' He said.

He further urged the people to come out during Elections and vote massively ensuring them of a secured and peaceful atmosphere. 'There is a difference between government and small teams called militants; and I call them criminals because militants have ideology and they fight for the people. Militants don't kill their people, militants don't kidnap their people.'

'There is a difference between Amaechi, who is PDP Governorship Candidate and Amaechi, who is the governor of Rivers State and whose tenure will expire on May 29th. That Amaechi who is governor, has the responsibility of protecting every life whether from Rivers State or not but inside the State, and that, I will discharge responsibly.'

In his solidarity speech, former governor Chief Rufus Ada-George classified the three main contestants for the governorship seat in Rivers state as his political children, but rated Governor Amaechi as the best to take the State to greater heights.

He said: 'The three main contestants are my political sons and I'm in the best place to assess them. We now have absolute security and peace in Okrika. Before the advent of Governor Amaechi, we were not sleeping, houses were destroyed and lives were lost. So let us vote for the man who will ensure security.'

He described one of them as a prodigal son and lamented the failure of that son to apologise to the people and have a right standing.

'There was a lot of political scenario that took place in this community. He should have come to show remorse, he should have come to the people to say we are sorry. But instead it was governor Amaechi who during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission came out publicly to apologise for all the events that took place in Okrika, Okuru-ama and all other places in Rivers State.'

'But for some people to believe that nothing happened shows they have no conscience. People make mistakes, but it is also left for people who are intelligent to come and say 'I am sorry'; and Okrika people are so magnanimous that they will understand and forgive. We must fear such people, if given an opportunity, they will certainly do worse. We must guard ourselves against such situation.'

Wife of the Governor, Dame Judith Amaechi also urged the people to vote Governor Amaechi. 'I appeal to you Okrikans, not to be deceived and allow your votes to be wasted, and I know that because your daughter, the wife of the President is from here, Okrika votes will be sure.'

'My husband had never really been happy with what used to happen in Okrika even while he was Speaker of the House; and one thing he told me and what I see happen today is, he said one of the greatest joy that he will have is to have peace in Okrikaland, and Okrika people deserve peace and harmony; and he said, if God gives me an opportunity, I will make sure that peace return to Okrika.' She said.

Also speaking at the rally, another Okrika son, Sen. George Sekibo stated that a true brother is not necessarily biological, but the one who helps in time of need. He described Amaechi as a true brother of Okrika people and the best candidate to win the election.

Earlier, the State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Sampson Parker, who is also an Okrika son, assured Governor Amaechi of total support by the Okrikans, stating that those peddling rumours are people rejected by Okrikans.

Solidarity speeches poured in from more prominent Okrika sons and daughters. Some of which include, PDP governorship aspirant and Governor Amaechi's fellow contestant in the primary election, Mrs. Dennisada Fiabema-Fiberesima, Rivers State House of Assembly member, Hon. Linda Stewart, Rear Admiral Fingesi (Rtd.) and Chief Nemi Adoki among others.

1) Rivers State Governor Chibuike Amaechi waving to the crowd at his campaign rally in Okrika Local Government Area, Tuesday.

2) Rivers State Governor Chibuike Amaechi with his Wife, Dame Judith Amaechi while he addressed the crowd at his campaign rally in Okrika Local Government Area, Tuesday.