ACN challenges Amaechi on Programmes for next tenure

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Fully cognizant of the fact that Rivers State would need viable programmes and blueprints to move it to the next level of its development, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has challenged Governor Rotimi Amaechi of the ruling PDP to categorically tell indigenes and residents of the state what he would do to better their welfare in the next four years rather than continue to insult them and display worthless arrogance at campaign rallies.

The Governorship candidate of the ACN, Dr Abiye Sekibo has promised to move the state and its people to the No 1 position in the country, outlining its guardrails and making public its manifesto in line with this vision for the state. Against this backdrop the party accepts to be judged by all and sundry when it goes into office.

Dr Sekibo has also stocked its programmes and manifesto with substance worth asking for and, therefore wants the PDP and its governorship candidate to step out of obscurity, stop their hollow boasts and specifically tell the people what to hold them down by, should they remain in the Brick House.

Governor Amaechi's campaign  rally at Eleme was anything but meaningful and hope inspiring, depicting the barking of a loose bull dog with no iota of respect for the people of the state while, in itself so hollow of any substance of hope and sweet expectation. 

The PDP, by their campaign style are avoiding all manners of commitment to Rivers State and its peoples, and it's either that they mistakenly see all else as fools or they lack the understanding to realize how self-destructive their guile is.

Meanwhile, the ACN campaign train takes its message of hope to Ahoada East and Emohua Local Government Areas on Saturday, March 12, 2011, where its governorship flagbearer, Dr Abiye Sekibo will further disclose what values the party intends to add to the lives of Rivers people as soon as it comes to power in May.