Buhari shuts Borno

Source: pointblanknews.com
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Muhammadu Buhari
The Presidential candidate of the CPC, Gen Muhammadu Buhari practically shut down the ancient city othe palace of shehu of Borno,Shehu Omar Garbai and later to the Ramat square venue of the rally.

Speaker after speaker encouraged the people of Borno to reject the ruling party at the April polls.

The running mate to Buhari,Pastor Tunde Bakare compared him to the first American President George Washington who fought the war of independence and later became a democratic leader.

He also said that being rigged in two previous occasions only compares Buhari to Abraham Lincoln: "But unlike Lincoln who made it at the 13th shot,this third time is the set time for the incorruptible one to rescue Nigeria" Reeling out the manifestos of the CPC, Bakare said the party will bring about positive change in Nigeria that will benefit all citizens without discriminations: "Almajaris are Nigerians who deserve respect and are entitled to education,gainful employment and all the good things of life" Buhari who presented all the flagbearers of the party to the rally promised that the CPC will remake Nigeria and ensure that the people once again have a country they can be proud of.

He urged them to vote the Cpc all the way and ensure that no one is allowed to steal their votes.

He concluded by emphasizing that Nigeria would be secure and better managed under his presidency.