By NBF News

VConnect Global services Ltd, an information and communication technology firm would be connecting consumers in Nigeria and abroad through its  search engine.

According to managing director, BD Consult, Mr.Tola Bademosi gulf, when it comes to information search is what Vconnect Global services Ltd has come to address.

Speaking at a media briefing on Tuesday in Lagos, General Manager, Vconnect, Mr. Deepankar Rustagi revealed that the company was set to revolutionise information services industry in the country by providing information whenever, wherever at a click of a button additional cost.

He averred that the mission of Vconnect was to provide accurate information to the user with the aim of becoming the most reliable and most used local search engine for every information seeker in Nigeria and abroad. While adding that over 200,000 Nigerian businesses are currently listed on its database with N3, 000.

Said he:  'We observed that daily, people look out for certain information relating to products and services around them like, where can I get this? Who can give me the best service? How do I get their contacts? And the questions are endless like that.

'VConnect provides ready answers to these questions through two convenient channels which are Web and Telesearch. Information seekers can log on to to access information through the Web or by calling the dedicated hotline using Telesearch at no additional cost. It allows local businesses to register on the portal free of charge while offering them a platform to advertise to consumers at affordable rates. The service will improve the connectivity between the customers and goods/service providers leading to quick and better buying decision for users'.

Adding that VConnect   would always authenticate data through its large field team that gathers information and verifies businesses before they are registered and made available for users.