By NBF News

The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), Abia State chapter has expressed displeasure over a statement it claimed was credited to the wife of the President, Dame Patience Jonathan to the effect that whether Abians voted or not for Governor Theodore Orji, he must win the forthcoming April polls in the state.

CNPP had alleged during the First Lady's recent visit to Abia State for a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) women zonal rally, that Mrs Jonathan had made it known to Abians in her statement that their votes would not count. She went a step further in her address to traditional rulers to request they use their positions to ensure victory for the governor at the polls.

The body said with the alleged statement which had not been denied, it had become evident that the election in the state would be rigged and an unpopular candidate foisted on the people. He explained that the development would contradict the president's slogan of one-man, one-vote.

CNPP in a release entitled, 'The truth about Abia State' posited that the statement credited to the First Lady was capable of dampening the enthusiasm of eligible voters in the state who would then believe their votes would no longer count.

'We love Mr. President for his one-man, one-vote slogan and every man of goodwill must endeavour to assist and co-operate with him for the realization of his ideals. This is the best this country had ever had and that is why we are disturbed by the supposed addresses of the First Lady, Dame Jonathan to Abians during her last visit.

'Those who were not at the venues would want our First Lady to disassociate herself and her office from these negatives to democracy. This shall help strengthen our faith in our president and his one-man, one-vote. 'The First Lady should detach emotional sentiments and relationship and listen to the voice of reason, so that our reposed confidence on Mr. President would continue to increase instead of decreasing,',CNPP stated.

The party said it was raising the issues to enable Abians decide properly to mark an end to what it termed the disgraceful display of ignorance of the plight of Abians. 'If after these efforts, Abians still insist on their wrong choice of leadership, we shall imitate the proverbial lizard by beating our chests as having done a good job.'