Open Letter to President Jonathan

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President Jonathan, It Is Obvious You Are Not For the Masses - Prove Us Wrong! Make no mistake about it, this is not a sponsored write up. It is absolutely without prejudice. You cannot claim ignorance of the plight of some 14,000 Nigerians who, when  their dependants are taken into consideration, should number over 100,000. These Nigerians lost their jobs as a result of Soludo's failed banking consolidation of 2005.  

  We are peeved that the plight of these people and their relatives has not commanded your attention. You have been busy jetting around the country selling more hopes to hapless and helpless 150 million Nigerians. We of the Association of Ex-Staff of Non-Consolidated banks of Nigeria are sad and disappointed that you could be so indifferent to the sufferings of people whose messiah you are now claiming to be.  

  Mr. President, you seem to have forgotten that you did not become President because of your merit but because God wanted to use you to prove how He can raise somebody from the dunghill to the palace. People like you should realize that to whom much is given much will be required. You have not been known to take a decision that favours the man on the street since your fortuitous ascent to power. This we are sure is also a disappointment to God who knows why you are in power.  

  We have been appealing to you to correct the errors and wickedness of your predecessors, some of whom were with you on the fateful day you were calling people who have posted better achievements than your government 'rascals'. For five years we have been out in the cold, struggling, without success, to actualize the terms and conditions of our services with our former employers as it relates to our terminal benefits. Please note that our contracts with our ex-employers were forceful terminated by the act of government through the consolidation exercise not because the banks were in distress.  

  We are shocked that you have surrounded yourself with self-serving advisers who will never offer you wise advice for sound decision making since they are out to milk this nation. Our suffering is nothing to you all because, as far as you are concerned, we are just some statistics.  

  Please be reminded that government is a continuous process. To treat our matter as if it is not your cup of tea is an indication of your not having a full grasp of what governance is all about. We can see why the nation is on a tail spin. In better climes successive governments address the misadventures of their predecessors especially on issues that bother on human rights and suffering of people. We think it is irresponsibility for those in power to attempt to sweep under the carpet the errors of their predecessors.  

  Mr. President it should interest you to note that the following Nigerians whose actions and inactions while in office resulted in our suffering retired with their terminal benefits fully paid:  

  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo former President of Nigeria  

  Alhaj Atiku Abubakar former Vice President of Nigeria  

  Prof Chukwumah Soludo former CBN Governor  
  Mr. Esan Ogunleye former MD of NDIC  
  Also note that those currently in the CBN, NDIC, some of your advisers etc, who are against our getting paid will retire some day and we are sure they are hoping to get all their benefits paid as they exit the service. Such people include:  

Lamido Sanusi, CBN Governor  
  Sam Oni, a Director of CBN  
  David Gana, a Director of CBN         Umaru Ibrahim, MD of NDIC  

  A.A. Adeleke , Former Head of Claims, NDIC  
  Ahmed Aminu, Head of Claims, NDIC  
  Mrs. Emily Osuji Asst Head of Claims, NDIC  
And other adversaries  
  What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Are some animals more equal than others? We feel estranged by the callousness of our leaders.  

  As we round off, we put on record our heart-felt appreciation to the Labour Minister, Chief Emeka Wogu, for the noble role he and his officials have played so far on our matter. It is a pity we have not seen any positive and fatherly result from your end. May God reward them generously.  

  Your continued indifference to our getting paid has a negative multiplier effect for your April 2011dreams! MARK THIS WARNING!  

  This write up is our candid opinion on your sincerity as you run around the nation pledging dividends of democracy to the nation if you are voted into power. The only way we can be proved wrong is by your showing exemplary leadership by directing CBN to pay our overdue terminal benefits - we cannot believe that our country can treat us with such disdain with our President, who should champion our cause, watching helplessly.                                                 

  MAGNUS MADUKA   (CHAIRMAN) - 08022906317 CHUKS V ELELEGWU (VICE CHAIRMAN) - 08033240413 AMOS Z. BATURE (MEMBER) - 08022906325 OKEY IGWE   (PUBLICITY/TRUSTEE) - 08022901473 SAMUEL OLAYEMI (MEMBER) - 08033676391