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There is growing anxiety over the failing health of the longest-serving Senator in the country, Chief Arthur Nzeribe. Nzeribe who was in the Senate for five terms representing Imo West had been absent in the recent times at public functions in the state following his fragile health except on few occasions in his Oguta country home.

Daily Sun reports that Nzeribe's personal physician had metaphorically relocated to the Senator's home to keep watch on him. The state of health of the maverick politician has sent jitters into some of the politicians in the state who were believed to have ridden on his popularity to the forthcoming elections.

The growing concern over the health of the senator climaxed when he was absent during the flag off of President Goodluck Jonathan's campaign in Owerri last month. It also became worrisome when Nzeribe now in his 70s had to abandon the use of his fleet of his SUVs owing to his rumoured inability to climb into them easily. Rather, he rides salon cars.

The worsening plight of Nzeribe was noticeable at the weekend during a reception organised for Chief Hope Uzodinma, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Imo West, at the country home of the Oguta born politician. It look Nzeribe some time to appear at the ceremony.

Nzeribe who is now a shadow of his old self was brought to the venue of the reception from his main building to the Obi palace in a car in a distance that was less than 10 minutes walk. Nzeribe was suppoprted on both sides by his aides while entering into the hall to prevent him from slumping. It look him about 20 minutes to get to the podium.

As the occasion progressed, Nzeribe could hardly utter a word. He only managed to raise his hands to acknowledge cheers from his teeming supporters. The colourful ceremony was hurriedly brought to an end to enable the senator to return home for medical attention. Some of the top politicians who attended the ceremony confided in Daily Sun yesterday that overseas medical treatment was being planned for Nzeribe. It was not clear the kind of ailment he was suffering from.

They also suggested that Nzeribe might be flown abroad after the April polls when some of his disciples who are contesting elections might have won their elections. Meanwhile, latest checks indicate that Nzeribe was o kay and would in fact host Governor Ikedi Ohakim in his Oguta country home today.