Nigerian Ambassador to Libya Flee… Abandoning 12,440 Citizens

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As the crisis in Libya escalates, understands that Isah Mohammed Aliyu, Nigerian Ambassador to Libya has fled to Malta with his family, abandoning 12, 440 Nigerians who are still stranded in the country.

Findings reveal that of this number, 7,125 have been at the Tripoli Airport for over two weeks, while 5,315 are said to be trapped in Benghazi after the Nigerian Ambassador to the country fled, abandoning his countrymen in the now volatile region.

However, the Nigerians have cried out to the Nigerian government for help just as Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi 's son, Saif has issued a five day ultimatum to foreigners in the Lybia including Nigerians to leave the country.

Statistics made available by Mr. Ben Igbokwe, Samson Aja and Mr. Solomon Okoduwa,   leaders of Nigerians resident in Tripoli , showed that at the airport in the Lybian capital, the figure of Nigerians stranded in Tripoli includes 1000 women, 170 babies, 5, 720 teens, and 235 men. also gathered that in Benghazi, the latest figure of Nigerians include 306 children, 2, 502 women, and 2, 507 men, giving a total of 5, 315.

The trio who have been in contact with media men in Nigeria also revealed to through their source, Adams Makinwa, that six Nigerians were killed, Friday, on their way to Tripoli from Benghazi .

In his words, "We gathered from the only survivor, that on their way to Tripoli in a bus, they came across Libyan soldiers who ordered the driver to return to where he was coming from, but the driver refused, only for the soldiers to open fire on the bus and six Nigerians were killed instantly while the where-about of one is unknown'.

"The only survivor managed to join others at the Tripoli airport," they said.

Another stranded Nigerian, Mrs. Toyin Arimade, a native of Abeokuta, said a bucket of water is sold at the airport for $4 dollars and we can't afford it. Continuing, she said, for weeks, they have been sleeping on the floor of the airport including pregnant and nursing mothers.

Mr. Samson Aja, who claims to be the leader of the Nigeria camp in Benghazi, said   'we are stranded and frustrated as some Nigerians have started moving towards the border between Egypt and Libya .