Do You Play The Cleavage Game?

Source: Christie Olushayo -
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If you've got it, flaunt it'… goes the popular saying. But how much of what 'mama gave you' should you flaunt?

These days, exposing the cleavage and most part of the boobs seems to be the 'in thing', unlike the past when it was regarded as a taboo. It appears as if the ladies are playing a game of who can flaunt it the most. That is why on the streets, campuses, red carpets and at other public places, when you look around, there is always a cleavage display.

Because of this fad, those who are not even naturally well 'endowed' do not want to be left out of the game. Thanks to plastic surgery, breast enlargement and silicon padded bras for such ones, they have been able to follow this trend.

The truth is that, even if fashion evolves day in day out, fashion icons and image consultants believe that you don't really have to show much to look good and be in vogue, though showing a little part of the cleavage without being vulgar has been accepted into the fashion world. This comes in the form of dresses with neck cuttings that gives the outfit a fitting, sexy look or make a style come out better.

No doubt, some single ladies believe that flaunting the cleavage stylishly with a necklace and pendant dropping at the centre of their boobs attracts a man's attention? It serves as a signal to guys if the lady is really seeking attention. Some on the other hand claim to be comfortable with it.

Well, style actually means how you can express yourself. Would it not be better to be stylish and decent at the same time? The key is, marry decency and fitting into one outfit, that is roll them together before stepping out. You can look more classy, sophisticated and truly stylish by not revealing too much!

Check out these stars that have decided to give us a 'peek-a-boob'. Who do you think is the most revealing?