Our hearts go to the people of Libya

By Egbe Irapada Odua
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At this moment of grief, when the citadel of African revolution is threatened

By the forces of darkness that choose to keep us in perpetual slavery

Our hearts, the minds and souls of the real Africans

Stand firmly with the people of Libya
The real people that value our revolutionary leader

Whose source of anguish and pain, is mainly the endless chains that keep Africans as observers, not actors on the economic and cultural stage of the world

Libya, time and time, again and again, has provided the impetus for people-driven regimes all over the world

Far away from the class of treachery and debauchery, of racketeers and sales men that is the bunch of many African leaders

The leader has placed Libya on prestige, Africa on reputation, and humanity on dignity

He has no foreign account, no homes abroad, so what do they want to frozen?

He has no monumental properties, so what has he got to lose if Libya falls?

It is we, the African people that will be the real casualty, if the centre of Revolution falls apart. Never.

From South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabawe, Ghana, Latin America and all over the world

He has provided the means and the brain for human liberation

The fall of Libya, will mean the opening up of the floodgate for the final onslaught

For the total recolonisation of Africa, for the return of Libya to feudalism, the lordship of criminals over the majority, the return of Libya to the colonial, satellite and footnote era

All men of goodwill, all conscientious people, men and women

Slaves and masters, artisans , the poor, armed and defenceless people alike

The hopeful and the hopeless
Let us rise up to defend Libya and his indefatigable people, and safe this great country, from scavengers

Safe the people of Libya, from forces that have no ideology, no passion, no vision

Except to keep us permanently under their jackboots. We are worried that the real intention of the invaders remain sketchy and etched in darkness. If the grouse is that Muammar Ghadaffi had stayed too long, is the solution the bulkanisation of Libya and the splitting of the country, one in the pocket of imperial forces and the other in under the feet of colonial masters that were once fought and defeated by the people of Libya

Oh Libyans, why is your country one of the most developed in the world, why is your country one of the most developed in the Arab world, your education is free, housing is free, food is as cheap as sand compared with the hungry lots of millions of Africans, whose nation have submitted to the whims of neo-colonialism. Libyans can never be better off under foreign rule, it can never be better off under the regime of untested hands, it can never be better off under those who were part of the revolution but now seek to be the one to rule the country out of ego and parochial jealousies.

A statement of support and solidarity for the Libyan leader and the people of a great country with amazing history

Issued by the Yoruba self-determination group-Egbe Irapada Oodua, the self-determination group based in SouthWest Nigeria, West AFRICA