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Amidst the ubiquitious socio-economic tapestry that has so held many states down, it is instructive to know that it is only a dedicated messianic mission that can offer the needed rescue from the quagmire undermining these states. This is even as Nigerians at this time are in dire need of basic amenities to alleviate their sufferings and make them live an improved life.

Suffice it to say that many states of the federation are constantly retrogressing and reneging from the social contract with their citizens because the right ideas and wizardry to embark on a messianic mission have eluded them. Little wonder a philosopher, John Lancaster Spalding says, 'No matter where you go or what you do, you live your life within the confines of your head.' This is why any state chief executive who lacks the right modern, model ideas can hardly strike the chord of a messianic music. Ever since his governorship in Imo, Dr. Ikedi Godson Ohakim has in no small measure displayed an uncommon panache in governance. This is so incandescent in all sectors of the socio-economic life of the state. As a person with a messianic mission, Ohakim has never done anything as regards governance in the conventional manner. There has been this superlative vigour and rigour he brings to bear to make all his policies materialize even in the face of lean resources.

Appreciating the need for humans to proactively achieve their objectives, William Blake of the English poetry fame postulates: 'Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.' Indeed there has never been any government policy in Imo that has not been executed with a commendable and supersonic prowess. This, certainly, could be because before the policies and programmes are made public, all possible gridlocks and inhibitions must have been taken into consideration; in such a way that when work starts on them, every mountainous impossibility is masterfully surmounted and efficient service delivered. This, surely, is the hallmark of any messianic leadership of which Gov. Ohakim embodies.

It is noteworthy to state that originality of ideas and dynamism are some of the sine qua non of any messianic leadership. In this light, Gov. Ohakim has so dexterously brought about original programmes that even his opponents have not failed to wonder at the dynamism with which these programmes are being delivered on schedule. These programmes which have alleviated the sufferings of Imolites are fashioned to offer an immediate and long-term solution to the perennial problems of under- development. In this way, Ohakim pegs his projects to be timeless in all respects, thereby working in line with John Spalding's definition of a wise man as a person who can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can from a mountain top.

Today, as time ticks, the fame of Ohakim gathers momentum as his ambitious projects scattered all over the state are daily transforming the lives of Imolites. Of course, a government can only boast of having a messianic mission when the citizens form the centre-piece of the administration. This era is no longer a time when white-elephant projects that bear no direct impact on the citizens are embarked upon. Most times, projects like this, sadly, stay uncompleted after the government responsible might have exhausted its tenure. However, in Imo, a new lease of life is felt everywhere as government projects which have started bearing fruits are daily making life meaningful to everyone. To aid human mobility and promote free movement of goods and services, Ohakim has constructed over 500 kilometres of road across the state which towers above what was done in eight years of the previous administration. It is on record in Nigeria that no governor is more youth-friendly than . Ohakim.

Realising that no state can effectively function with old, tired and incompetent hands, the governor lifted embargo on employment and changed the lives of about 10,000 Imo fresh graduates with employment. One can only but imagine the fresh air serenading the state civil service now. This, indeed, is a manifestation of the rhythm of Ohakim's messianic mission in Imo.

Beyond Ohakim's remarkable and timeless feats in education, health, tourism and human capital development, one area that easily captures the fancy of a new entrant to Owerri is the way the state had been rebranded along its citizens. Imolites, having seen a new order, beauty and zest in governance have sub-consciously or perhaps consciously, keyed into the new wave of eclectic development enveloping the state.

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