Shan George’s loverboy ( Momoh Osigwe ) fires back, says her allegation is wicked

By Nonye Iwuagwu
Shan George’s loverboy ( Momoh Osigwe )
Shan George’s loverboy ( Momoh Osigwe )
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The rift between actress Shan George and her much younger lover, Momoh Osigwe, has deepened. Shan had last week told about the scam that centres on her reality show T36, and how Momoh's friend, Deji, allegedly tried to defraud some of the contestants.

Though Shan did not accuse her boyfriend of the crime, she had said, “The list containing the contestants' names and numbers is in my bedroom. It is only an insider that could have got that list. I don't think Deji went into my bedroom to search for the list. I am really confused and I don't know what to think again.”

But got in touch with Momoh and he gave his side of the story.

According to him, T36 was actually his project; he only invited Shan to be the producer.

“This is how she has paid back my kindness, dragging my name in the mud. God will judge.

“The culprit has been apprehended. How come Shan is still roping me into the mess after his confession. Is she implying that Deji is covering me up? If yes, why? Why would anybody want to cover me up to his own detriment?”

Momoh said one of the persons that were sent the fraudulent text messages was Shan's friend. “Shan knows that I know the girl. It's either she is dull – to think that I would send such a text message to the girl when I know they are friends. Or,she deliberately chose to be wicked. I refuse to believe Shan is dull, so I go with the one about wickedness.”

Momoh countered Shan's claim that the list of the contestants and their telephone numbers were kept in her room.

“That was the final twist in her desperate plot to rope me into the crime. How could you have an office in your house and choose to keep the list of contestants under your pillow for over a year. Please that's not just frivolous, it is evil. In reality, the culprit, Deji, is not just my friend, he is our worker. He sleeps in the office, which doubles as a guest room. He has actively participated in every project that Shan and I have executed.”

Momoh said Shan was looking for an excuse to get out of the project.

“Shan abandoned the project and faced her music. Thank God that Deji has given her a reason to justify the failure of the project. Having collected almost N400,000 from the registration fees, and N1 million from the Federal Government, she must give a plausible reason why the project was abandoned.”

Reminded that Shan did not accuse him of committing the crime, he retorted, “It is a shame that Shan comfortably said, 'I'm not sure if he is involved or not.' She must be foolish or wicked not to know if I'm involved. Maybe she was praying for me to be involved. Sorry dear, I don't do crime.

“You can't just say, 'I don't know if he is involved or not.' Who cares what you feel? Stick with the fact. Is there any logical reason to suspect me? If yes, go to Area F (police command) and lay your allegation. Tell them that Deji is mad or stupid to say Momoh was not involved. But if you must speak, speak with facts and leave your sentiments in your bedroom.”