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The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching, the whole world is watching as innocent Africans are being lynched in Libya. The time to act is right now since nobody acted yesterday or day before. It started as a rumor, then it was reported on social network and now we know it is real. The world must act and act quickly. There are men, women and children dying in the hands of Libyan mobs simply because they look Africans and must therefore be mercenaries because they cannot place their hands on Gadhafi. Mercenaries come in different colors and nationalities and these Africans are ordinary workers like the Egyptian and Tunisians.

We are demanding a special meeting of United Nation to discuss the elimination of Africans by lynching in Libya. If it was any other group, the world will be crying genocide. Not only are African families in danger, Libyan blacks will be lynched before they open their mouths and speak Arabic. Most people watching the atrocities on face book would have seen Arabian features on some of the people caught and tortured to death.

The press published stories of Anti-Gadhafi forces cutting Africans into pieces and posting it on internet but it is yet to catch world outcry or outrage. There is no mention of it at the United Nations by African leaders and countries getting first hand reports are silent. These are not collateral damages of war, these are brutalities of war that must be addressed. So many of the poor African countries have not been able to charter planes, like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya to get some of their people out. The longer the Africans remain in Libya, the higher their chances of death from starvation or by the hands of mobs.

The irony is that some of the first Libyan officers to defect from the camp of Gadhafi Armed Forces were Libyan blacks looking for freedom. Other Libyans defecting and looking for the same freedom are being embraced as they killed their blacks and Africans regardless of their loyalties to Libya. Mercenaries in Libya now mean Africans fighting for Gadhafi. All others still loyal and fighting for Gadhafi are not as distinguishable as Africans.

While it is easier for other Libyans soldiers to defect and be hugged, it is harder for black Libyans as they are seen as Gadhafi loyalists. Migrant workers in construction companies are surrounded by Libyan youths, so are their buildings for instant jungle justice. These barbaric acts have been reported but they are lost in the scheme of bigger goal of getting rid of Gadhafi. Well, if the butchering of Africans is ignore as the days go by, there will be no more to rescue. Those calling for the ouster of Gadhafi must also register the plight of African migrant workers stuck between the mobs that are taking out their anger on poor Africans.

The story is how many Africans south of Sahara are being lynched in Libya by both sides and how many are conscripted by Gadhafi and forced to defend themselves or die facing Gadhafi's opponents and defectors. It is a no win situation for these poor Africans that went to Libya for fortune or were working there when civil war broke out. Others in the same situation as Africans can easily change to either side. Indeed, Africans cannot leave their homes for fear of being mistaken for mercenaries and must starve to death inside.

It is not enough to ignore so many Africans being mutilated to death because the hatred the whole world has for one man has blinded them to the massacre of others. The whole world is watching and sooner or later, the whole world will want to know what was done while Africans are being slaughtered in Libya. This is not the time to claim nobody knew that was what was going on otherwise it could have been stopped. This is not Rwanda, it is Arabs killing Africans.

This lynching of Africans has only been witnessed on this scale in Libya, not in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia or Algeria. If they kill all the Africans south of Sahara in Libya, they will turn to their own Africans. Arabs have never seen themselves as Africans anyway and the rest of the world sees them as Middle East. The only time Arabs become Africans is when they want to be part of African Union as leaders or when they fight against another country or the rest of the world. Apart from Egypt, the history of Arabs in Africa has been nothing but disaster.

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