Nigerian Woman Flee US, After Causing Death of 3 Infants


Ms. Jessica Rene Tata, 22, operator of a home day care facility called Jackie's Child Care; located on 2810 Crest Park, West Houston, is alleged to have fled to Nigeria in her bid to avoid prosecution. At her arraignment on Monday, Jessica Rene Tata who has a warrant for her arrest, and a bail bond set at $500,000, was a no show. According to Harrison County District Court Document obtained by, the charge against her reads: 'JESSICA TATA hereafter styled the Defendant, heretofore on or about February 24 th ,2011, did then   and there unlawfully   recklessly cause serious bodily injury to   SHOMARI DICKERSON,herafter styled the complainant, a child younger than fifteen   years of age, by leaving the leaving the complainant   without adult supervision in a building   with an engaged heat source'.

  It's not clear if Jessica Rene Tata, will face additional charges. understands that last Thursday, Jessica Tata left seven infants unattended, unsupervised and went to a grocery store in her neighborhood, when the fire broke. Fire fighters rescued the children from the burning building, but three of them have since died at the hospital, while four other children are still receiving treatment.  

  Our checks reveal that Under US laws, it is generally considered unsafe to leave children under the age of eleven home alone.

  In the word of eyewitnesses (John Chestnut and Geoffrey Deshano), 'they saw Jessica Tata pull into the driveway at 2810 Crest Park on February 24 th , 2011 and go to the front door. The witnesses stated that within seconds of her arrival at the day care, Jessica was heard screaming and they saw smoke coming from inside the building. John Chesnut Called 911, while Geoffrey Deshano tried to assist Jessica Tata.

  According to the court affidavit, 'Both witnesses stated that it only took them a few seconds to arrive at the fire scene, and they both stated that they saw no adults or employees of the daycare either inside the building or running out of the building other than Jessica Tata (Defendant). It appeared to them that the defendant was the only adult at the daycare'.

  However, authorities in Houston have asked the U.S. Marshal's Office to intervene to have Jessica Tata extradited back to Houston.