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Sacked former assistant secretary, technical department of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), James Peter, has made a startling revelation that holy water provided him protection to survive the spiritual attack during his days at the headquarters of the Nigeria football governing body.

JP, who dropped the hint, while fielding questions in an exclusive interview with Daily Sunsports last weekend, disclosed that apart from attending a compulsory morning mass to pray, he also bathed with holy water, even drank it and anointed himself with holy oil to fortify himself against attacks.

The Green Eagles' former coach, confessing that he actually had a raw deal with the fetish people in the Glass House, lamented: 'They have done everything to pull me down. I remember when somebody went and cut his fore skull for my sake, but he had accident, while coming back from the trip. He later confessed his fetish attack on me. Then in the Glass House, they nicknamed me 'there is nothing God cannot do'. Juju exits.'

'Throughout my stay at the Glass House, I have never left myself unkempt spiritually. Before I leave my house in the morning, my wife would make sure I attend morning mass and pray. The day I fail to do that, I would feel as if I was coming from the cemetery.

'I use holy water to bath every day. I drink holy water and anointing oil to shield myself from their attacks. Many tried, but did not get me because I fortified myself with those things. That is why I was not bothered about the sack because God knows why He took me out of that place for now,' he quipped.

Narrating his close shaves with spiritual attacks throughout his coaching career, the renowned tactician lamented: 'All my life, I have worked with obstacles such as juju and that is why I can tell you that it exits. When I was coaching in Jos, there was a place they took my name to, dug a hole, and bury the paper on which the name was written, so that I could not win a particular match.'