By NBF News

It was drama at St Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland, Lagos yesterday as a Catholic priest and monsignor, Rev Dr. Philip Hoteyin openly demanded bribe during the 11: 30 am mass.

Known for his bluntness and for calling-a-spade a spade on issues, whether secular or spiritual, Hoteyin is in charge of the Marian Shrine and in residence at St Agnes.

During his Homily yesterday, which was centered on the Gospel of Matt 6; 24-34, which dwelt on setting one's heart on righteousness, the man of God lamented about those that set their eyes on worldly matters thereby divorcing God from their lives and deeds. He said if politicians set their hearts on righteousness, they would realize that governance was for the good of the people and not for selfishness.

Speaking further, Hoteyin commended the Gov. of Lagos State, Mr. Raji Fashola on his efforts at providing infrastructure in Lagos.

He saidit was due to his persistent commendation for Fashola that some people, (even though he had not seen Fashola before), accused him of having been bribed by him. In his words: 'If doing good work and receiving commendation is bribe, I demand more and more of it from Fashola. May other people in position of authority bribe me likewise.'

As the sermon continued, he announced the presence of Gov. Obi, who entered the church alone, without siren blaring vehicles or battalion of security men and preferred to sit at the back of the church, not wanting to be noticed. Investigations revealed that he came into Lagos on Saturday for the Igbo Cultural Day celebration and other meetings, and only stopped by at St Agnes to attend the mass on his way to the Airport to catch the 1.45 p.m. flight.

Hoteyin presented him as a good example of Governors who are good Christians and Catholics in name and deeds. He recalled the meeting his group: Canon Law Society of Nigeria held at Awka, and how Obi spoke to them and appealed to them to always speak condemn the ills of the society with a view to restoring godly values to the society. He said that listening to him, one would realise he spoke from conviction even as he frowned at those who wanted special packages or commission to assist in the restoration of values to the society.

He called the Gov to the altar for recognition.
Attempts to speak to the Governor after the service was not successful as he left immediately to catch his flight.