By NBF News

Chairman of Kaduna United, Hon. Sabo Mohammed Babayaro, has denied media report that quoted him as saying that the Governor of Kaduna State, Mr Patrick Yakowa, had failed in meeting the financial needs of the club, stating that he was quoted wrongly.

When briefing sportswriters in Kaduna, Hon. Babayaro said it would be wrong for him to attack the governor considering his support to Kaduna United.

'I almost finished last season without getting any money from the government. We received no money from the government during the first, second and third quarter, but when Governor Yakowa came in as the governor of the state, he released the club's money in his first two month in office.

I mentioned this in the same radio programme they quoted me wrongly. In fact, I have no reason to attack the state government or my governor considering their support to Kaduna United,' the club chairman said.

Hon. Babayaro said that some people might have had a hidden agenda that warranted them to write bad stories against him. He complained that they neglected all the good things he said in his programme and decided to rubbish him before his bosses.

'I don't know if there is any one that is after my job, but I believe that whatever you are doing, no matter how little, some people will have interest on it. I was appointed by Kaduna State to run Kaduna United, I know that some people would want to spoil my good relationship with the governor and my career as a politician,' Babayaro said.

Reacting on the media report, the Hon. Commissioner for Youth and Sports in the state, Alhaji Abdul-Aziz Mohammed, said he does not believe that Babayaro would speak against the government in the media.

'I am convinced that Babayaro will not say any bad thing against the government because Kaduna United has never had it so good like now. This is my seventh month in office as commissioner for sports and I can say without any contradiction that my office has released over N160million to Kaduna United,' the commissioner said.

Mohammed also said that Babayaro was right to say that the last quarter of the payment for the club has not been released, but added that the governor has given a special order for the money to be released.