Source: AKINNAGBE AKINTOMIDE/Nigeriafilms.com
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Julius Agwu is one of the finest comedians to come out of Nigeria and without mincing words, is no doubt one of the A-list comedian. The combination of comedy and music together takes only a genius like him to achieve.

Recently, he released an album that has a track title “BBM” which features MI and Jessy Jags. The sole aim of the song according to Julius Agwu is that, he wants to portray short men that are doing great things in a positive way and more also to motivate short dudes around the world that there is no need of dying of inferiority complex because of their size, because size in most cases is not the determinant of being a successful man but rather the content one posses.

Late Dagrin was among the dudes Julius Agwu had plans of working with on the track but we lost him to the cold hands of death before they stormed studio to record the song.

After the released of the track “BBM”, so many complain has been flying around that the song does not worth the hype place on it while most fans of the chocolate city boiz which consist of MI and Jessy Jags are not too down with their involvement on the collaboration which they believe the outcome of the song demean their personality as musician. MI was asked recently, why he featured on a song like that and he said bluntly, “I never wanted to be part of the project but I was forced by Julius Agwu and I had no choice than to do it and let myself off the hook of pressure from him”