South African Police Raid Henry Okah`s Cell…. Recovers Cellular Phones & Numbers

Listen to article understands that South African police have raided the prison cell of Henry Okah, the mastermind of the October 1 st bombing in Abuja. Our checks reveal that the raid became necessary after    Nigerian authorities said he had threatened new attacks. learnt that Police seized items such as cell phones, chargers, a map and papers with phone numbers from the cell of Henry Okah, who is facing trial on terrorism charges for allegedly masterminding the Independence Day bombings in Abuja that killed 12 people, last October. impeccable sources in the Nigerian Presidency,   said that sometime last week, Nigerian authorities alerted the South African government that Henry Okah, who is prohibited from making unauthorized phone calls, had been calling   top government officials in Nigeria from his prison cell and making threats about new attacks being planned by   MEND.

  In the words of our sources, Henry Okah made several threatening phone calls to top government officials, particularly President Goodluck Jonathan.

  This assertion was corroborated by a source within South African Police authorities, who raided Okah`s cell, Tuesday evening.

  Hear him:
  "In these phone calls, which we believe he made from the pre-paid cell phones we seized, he is alleged to have verbally abused several senior Nigerian government officials, including the president.

"He is also believed to have told them about further terror attacks MEND is believed to have been planning on carrying out."