Forced imprisonment: Naydo set to sue company boss

By Tade Makinde
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THE Managing Director of a computer company in Lagos is heading for trouble for allegedly kidnapping a singer, her mother and elder sister penultimate Friday in Lagos.

The singer, Naydo, who told NFC that she's “psychologically messed up”, confirmed that the incident took place at the Lagos office of the company few days ago.

According to her, her elder sister had recently resigned from the office and had been instructed to come for her pay that particular day, only for the entire family to be locked up in the MD's office.

The singer, who arrived from Dubai only few hours before the incident, averred that the MD had asked her sister to come for the money, and she invited her mother and singer sister along.

“When we got there, the man left us in the office for hours without attending to us. “After sitting for almost three hours, I got tired and headed for the door only to find it locked.

“We had to yell to get the attention of the other officers, especially after we threatened to break the door.

“That appeared to scare them as one of them informed that the MD had the key to the office and that he wasn't around.

“As the threat and yell continued, the MD suddenly appeared with the key. He opened the door for us, but never said anything,” Naydo added.

Though the MD hasn't apologised to Naydo's family over the shameful development, the singer is said to be seriously considering a legal option as she's yet to get herself together.

“I'm supposed to be in studio for my next project, but I can't. The man hasn't apologised, but then I can assure you that the last is yet to be heard about the matter,” she promised