Gov. Amaechi Orders Closure Of Dr. Sekibo`s Campaign Office


Governor Rotimi Amaechi has odered the closure of the campaign office of his rival in the forth coming gubernatorial elections. A press statement issued by Mr. Jerry Needam, director of publicity and communication for Abiye Sekibo Campaign organization, said,  that a joint military and police team led by police inspector Daniel C. Ihuaba, on Wednesday, sealed off the campaign headquarters of Dr Abiye Sekibo, the ACN governorship candidate in Rivers State.

Hear him: 'The campaign headquarters of Dr Abiye Sekibo, the ACN governorship candidate in Rivers State has been placed under lock and keys by a joint military and police team acting on the orders of Gov. Rotimi Amaechi'.     'Located at No 67A Tombia Street, New GRA, Port Harcourt, the office was not served with any notice to this effect or demand for any payment before the action by the military team, neither did it owe any form of tax to government'.  

  'Before the action by 9.00 am Wednesday morning, February 23, 2011, government traffic department, TIMARIV had on several occasions visited the complex and seized   vehicles packed within and around it, claiming they were wrongly packed and releasing the vehicles only after being paid between fifty-four and a hundred thousand naira (N54,000 - N100,000)'  

  'Not only did the team, led by police inspector Daniel C. Ihuaba seal off the campaign office but also beat up and tear-gassed staff of the Dr Abiye Sekibo Campaign organization on ground during the raid'.   'Though, this is obviously one of the desperate actions of the PDP and government of Rivers State to stop their most feared opponent in the governorship race, Dr Abiye Sekibo, we in the Abiye Sekibo campaign organization (ASCO) categorically state that no attempt, whatsoever to intimidate us, our governorship hopeful and dear party (ACN) will succeed as we will resist all such attempts'.     'It would be recalled that similar action was taken by the governor against a faction of the PDP some months ago in the state. Thereafter, they were given all sorts of names by the jittery governor who sees himself falling out of favor among the electorate in the state'.  

  'Apart from the incident at the PDP factional secretariat and now Sekibo's campaign office, there has not been anywhere in this state where any property has been sealed off. Not in the GRAs, old or new, not in Diobu or the watersides, and not anywhere else'.     'We call on the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Afiz Ringim and President Goodluck Jonathan to call the Rivers State governor to order'.     'We also call on the security agencies in the state not to allow themselves to be used by any power hungry politician to abuse the public whom they are constitutionally mandated to secure, or cause chaos in the society and encourage a derailment of the democratic journey of Nigeria and its 36 states'.     'Above all, we advise the unelected governor of Rivers State to humble himself before the Rivers electorate and solicit their mandate in a civilized manner rather than attempt to bully his way into the Brick House in 2011 in much the same or similar fashion as he did in 2007 without the people's votes'.  

'The practice of democracy does not call for the annihilation of the society and the brutal misuse of the security apparatus at one's disposal to intimidate and silence sections of the society'.    

'The action of the governor today had been prophesied as far back as November, 2010 and was published, front page in National Network, Vol. 8, No 6 of February 9 - 15, 2011. Here, therefore is the prophesy come true! It will also come true, as contained in the prophesy that God Almighty shall rise in defence of the subjected and fight against the haughty,   subduing the vile and undemocratic forces who would not recognize or respect the right and freedom of their fellow citizens' contacted Governor Amaechi, but  did not get a response as at press time.