KIDNAPPING BUSINESS: The Fraudulent Cover Ups

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Editor Sir,
KIDNAPPING BUSINESS: The Fraudulent Cover Ups
By the time you are reading this short piece, if the father of the Speaker of Akwa Ibom House of Assembly has gotten (or not) his 'freedom', no harm would come on him. He is kept in a comfortable apartment by his 'captors'.

With the information now confirmed, the kidnap saga of the old man was stage-managed aimed at giving the impression relatives of/or government officials are also kidnappers' targets. This means that the government had deceived the public on some of the past kidnappings. But know it that any of the incidents where the kidnappers, without being arrested, released their captive(s) it was an orchestrated one, by the government.

It is now clear the case of Essien Udim Local Government Chairman, Hon Nse Ntuen, who was kidnapped and later released without much delay, was among the first dummies sold to the public by the State government. This practice also remains avenue through which public funds are siphoned, all in the name of paying ransom. It should be recalled that Ntuen expressed 'gratitude' to Governor Akpabio who he said facilitated his release. The governor has refused to say, till today, how much he paid for Ntuen's 'release' in spite of the fact that the public continued demanding for this.

I would not know if it sounded ridiculous to anyone when in the media, Ntuen while reliving his experience in the hands of his 'captors' said that he was held in a boys quarter of a building; if this was so, it meant that he knew where he was taken to and one then wonders while the government security outfits have not stormed the place, till today. Look at that!

The public can now decipher genuine kidnap situation from government-arranged. We shall all be witnesses as the Speaker's father gets released, unharmed, while an undisclosed public fund would have been secretly account for that. What a fraud!

Engineer Etim George
Plot 239 Ozumba Mbadiwe Road
Victoria Island, Lagos.

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