Rejoinder: Before Mohammed Abacha Becomes Kano Governor

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Ordinarily I would not have reacted to this, but I am doing to tell Segun Adeniyi that he has no basis for unwarranted attack on the Young Abacha; this is because his unending roles during the return of a president that was on life support. Where will Adeniyi stand  and talk against the young Abacha has done anything compared to the ugly role he played when he was the man in charge of Communications for the late President. Whatsoever, he was doing, he was indeed doing Media Propaganda and he knows it.  

  Has Adeniyi forgotten how he stoops so low under the action cheap crisp of the Naira to call President Goodluck Jonathan who then the acting president as Vice President, Segun ought to know that Nigerians have not forgotten so soon, all these he did. We all know all his deals in the state House, and I am challenging him that he has no moral justification accuse any corrupt person in Nigeria not even only the young Abacha. .  

  I want to ask Adeniyi this question, if it was indeed true and real that agreement was made on an ordinary piece of paper without the official paraphernalia of the Federal Government? So why then was the Young Abacha not re-arrested if the family reneged on their part of the deal?  

  I can imagine Segun Adeniyi talk this way when it was the same Segun who was the part of ills that befell this nation during the dying and ending days of late Umaru Musa Yar'Adu, when he was when he was brought back to Nigeria (May His Soul Rest In Peace) even when the Segun who called himself a Journalist, released a document that he saw the Late Yar'Adua then walking, what a false and a propaganda on him.   I don't hold any blame as Segun ought to know that the going and study in the Harvard was on the expense of Nigerian Tax Payer's money which he craftily and cunningly made. I think you Adeniyi is just peddling lies in your report, and I think you have goofed.  

  For Segun Adeniyi he ought to know that he can be likened to be kettle calling a pot Black, it is obvious that it has not gone off the memories of Nigerians how you Segun and Andoaka and others raped Nigerians in the glaring eyes of Nigerian public. Or maybe you will educate us more how you people known as the cabal looted the Nigerian treasury. We have not forgotten so, you unpatriotic activities in a bid to save your job.    

  I think I have to tell you to leave the Young Abacha, was the Young Abacha the Head of State then, after the demise of the Late General we have been seeing the real thieves and looters so have you not seen the likes of Obasanjo and co, I want Adeniyi to know that Mohammed Abacha as a Nigerian and an indigine of Kano has the Constitutional Right to seek for any office in Nigeria or Kano, it is for the people of Kano to decide on who Govern them.  

  We cannot condone what you Segun was doing as during your days you were lying to Nigerians shamelessly at every junction without biting your tongue.  

  Why are you indeed sermonizes about Honour which honour are you talking about, I think you are indeed insulting Nigerians in general, as you will know that you were also part of the decimation of this nation and you now went to Harvard to spend your loot, so do you have honour? Where is the honour, you even has no conscience as you sold your conscience?

  I want to tell Adeniyi the simple truth he does not want to acknowledge. Abacha was not caught. The bad luck Abacha had was that he died while in power. Then, the man who took over from him, Abdulsalam Abubakar, knew about the loot. He brought it to the attention of the vengeful IBB and they both decided to make it public. After all, Abubakar could have refused to do anything and nobody would have known.  

  If Adeniyi disagrees with me, I want to ask him this question. Why is Mr. Obasanjo so much interested in foisting his own man, Mr. Jonathan, as Nigeria's President, even after the death of his first choice, Yar'Adua? The answer is that he would not want a leader who would expose his misdeeds/loot and as anti-corruption specialists would tell you, 'follow the money trail' to recover his loot.

  If Segun was reasonable he would have not joined the system he criticized for years.   Because let me remind him that same him wrote in his November 29th 2006 Article which was published during the Presidential Campaign and titled 'of aspiration and responsibility' in that article Mr. Adeniyi introduced to his reader and Nigerians at large Alhaji Musa Yar'Adua who was then the Governor of Katsina State and a Presidential Aspirant. Indeed history have proved otherwise that the butter-cannot- melt-in my mouth mien President that we now have is incapable of running the affairs of a complex nation like Nigeria and as he later mentioned in the article, leading a small, mono-ethnic and mono-religious state like Katsina is not the same as running a vast and diverse nation like Nigeria.      

  You even went ahead to respond   at the end of your article that   Atiku Abubakar should be allowed to run for President as well although he concluded by saying 'Atiku does not have the qualities I want in my next President, or rather He has the qualities I do not want in my next President.  

  I want Segun if you want to talk you have to come down to Nigeria than staying there and making comments and article that holds no water.  

  By Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo