Nigeria has funded Educational Sector more than any country -Kenneth Gbagi

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Nigeria's Minister of State for Education, Barrister Kenneth Gbagi has disclosed that the Federal Government of Nigeria has put more money into the education sector than any other country in Africa or as much as the UK or US does.

Speaking on BEN TV'S current affairs shows, News Punch and You Decide, the Minister of state for Education stated that though,  the sector has not produced enough results to justify the so much the government has spent, he said the government of President Goodluck Jonathan will continue to inject money into the sector until there is a visible development.

Gbagi stated that the president was determined to give Nigerian children the right to compete favourably with their counterparts in other countries through qualitative education. While answering questions on the programmes, Gbagi stated that President Goodluck Jonathan believed that every Nigerian child has the right to basic education up to university level. He said the conviction was the driving force behind the creation of federal universities in all the states of Nigeria. The Minister said that the move will not only afford states without federal university the opportunities to attract brilliant but indigent students, it will also indicate a federal attention and presence in all the local government areas they will be cited.

Gbagi noted that the problem in the education sector was not funding but the inability of people saddled with the responsibility of implementing federal government funded projects on Education at both the states and local government levels to properly implement the projects.

While reacting to questions on good governance and genuine democracy in Nigeria from Nigerians in Europe on BEN TV's current affairs flagship shows, Barrister Gbagi said that President Jonathan has never interfered in the administrative functions of any of the government agencies such as the EFCC or ICPC. He stated that the government has achieved a lot in the area of anti corruption campaign. The Minister of State for Education challenged anyone with credible evidence of corrupt deeds against the government of President Jonathan to present it to any of the country's anti corruption agencies or publish it online.

Gbagi while commenting on the suitability of other presidential aspirants, said Nigeria has grown beyond religious bigotry. He said though Maj Gen. Buhari is a great man, his sectarian nature does not make him the candidate Nigeria wants. He advised Nuhu Ribadu, the ACN Presidential candidate to take enough time out to understand the policy of good governance by acquiring enough experience. He stated that Nigeria will not want to be saddled with controversies as Ribadu witnessed during his time as the EFCC boss.